Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Happening...We're Moving

It has been a crazy year for us.  Who doesn't have crazy years anymore?  It is the life we all live.  Things change, people move, new friendships are formed, and social media keeps us all connected! 

I find its hard moving forward sometimes but when you get there and look back you see how all the pieces fit.  It's been an interesting time for our family as we approached each day with anticipation of where God is leading, what will that look like, and when will it happen.  

Where is God leading...Tennessee!  A little hard to get used to orange considering we grew up in Oklahoma and RED is the color.  Then fortunate to end up in Arkansas with the same RED!  But Orange?  Oh my!  That is gonna take some getting used too!

What will that look staff position as Marriage and Family Pastor!  Close and dear to our hearts are marriages and families.  What a joy to have served on a church staff before, served with great ministries like Josh McDowell and Family Life and now back to a church staff position.

When will it happen...soon!  Praying for a house to sell...Please PRAY with us!  Finishing up Basketball season and off we will go.

I remember when we moved to Arkansas the mixed emotions we had and yet we have all LOVED our time here. 
  • We have grown spiritually.  Our kids have learned to own their faith, living it out and encouraging us along the way.  They've made incredible friends that challenge them in their walk.  We've all witnessed and experienced a true revival!  Our faith has grown deep and our hearts long to serve as God sees fit. 
  • We have grown physically!  We came here with only 7 kids and 2 in the youth group.  We know leave with 8 kids, 2 in college and 3 in youth!  I'm also thinking we have successfully taught Brady that we will physically change houses...and that our house will not roll down the hill and move!  haha

Four things are for sure...
  1. Little Rock has blessed our lives.  And we are thankful for wonderful friendships that can continue to grow in this day and age! 
  2. Where God leads...We will go! 
  3. Our home will always be open if you want to visit! 
  4. I am quite sure moving 10 people to another state can generate a few 'interesting' blog posts!
Anyone interested in buying a house? :0)

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  1. It will ALL be ok. Remember, you started out in TEXAS where ORANGE is well respected! :)
    Love you!