Friday, July 6, 2012

Up Down Up Down Up Down...Now Laugh!

WHAT an insane, crazy week!  Not that you will care but I will feel better about listing our issues!  haha
  1. job issues (it happens)
  2. van broken (had it towed praying not too much)
  3. within hours...2nd car down (this is just silly)
  4. vacuum breaks (typically not a big deal UNLESS you have 8 children!...just sayin')
  5. flat screen losing pixels (again not horrible but drives a computer guy insane)
  6. ant invasion ( minute nothing and next thing line after line after line)
  7. fix one car...hooray...BUT...within hrs its back down! (car guy hasn't a clue waiting for next auto shop)
  8. van fixed (cost twice as much money...but hey...its fixed!)
  9. thinking selling house and find out not worth what we paid...(we know this happens but while everything else is happening makes it stink worse!)
  10. 3rd car down (another tow job)
  11. find out car is completely dead...(although it ran 2 years longer than expected so we should rejoice but frankly...don't feel like it...shame on me!)
  12. rain storm as the garage door falls off its track! (seriously!  no rain in weeks and it had to be timed for when the garage door comes apart!)
  13. Need to feed kids and I tell them I just can't right now we might not eat.  G'ma buys us chick-fil-a as Brady asks "do we all get to eat?"  Poor child!  We are ruining him!  LOL 
  14. open kitchen drawer and the front pulls apart
  15. try to shut off water in one of the bathroom and it leaks
  16. slightly frightened to wake up for tomorrows series of events!  (so we will wake up slowly!)
Leave it to God to leave us with something to laugh about which just happens to be the 4 year old!

Brady has had a small problem of comprehending what moving means.  His brain has determined that if he looks outside he will be able to SEE the house move.  No matter how often this is explained he still has an issue.  Today I have discovered a possible WHY!  It's because we have TEENS or should I say COLLEGE students!  As Brady glances out the front window he sees the 'tree guys' next door (lawn service) and decides they are how the house will move!
MOM, MOM, the tree guys are across the street!  When they get done will they come over here and move our house today?
As I laugh I hear one of our daughters say,
Yes, Brady! When they are finished over there they will come over here and dig up our house!  Then they will get balloons and tie to the house so they can move it! (think the movie 'Up')
 As I scream her name she quickly says,
Mom, I'm helping his brain develop!  He'll figure it out one day!  (poor child)
So the 4 year old is processing how a move really happens!

The 8 year old has been trying to attack the ants!  Screaming "somebody HELP me...there's too many!"

Which leaves the 10 year old pondering "how many cars do we have in the shop NOW!" 

The 13 year old is baffled at what we are doing from day to day because it keeps changing!

The 15 year old has helped mom hold down the fort and missed out on all kinds of fun this week! "Bless his heart!"

The 16 year old was amazed his father didn't resort to cussing when the garage door about fell on his head!

The 19 year old is LOVING confusing the 4 year old!

The 20 year old hasn't quite figured out how to break into her trunk to get out her stuff before her car is taken to its final resting place!

Stay tuned as I am sure there will be more to the MyShannonigans saga! 



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