Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's Happening? I-Don't-Know

Well, Brady just came in and asked when are we going to move our house because this is taking too long!

The child just keeps cracking us up!  If you follow us on Twitter then you are probably aware that when we started talking about moving our toddler has been waiting, watching, and anticipating for the house to move, like literally...MOVE!  Peaking out the window from time to time to see if he can see it move.  It has been quite funny to watch him process this possible new event.

Just now he has changed from should we 'get out' before the house moves, to this is just taking too long.  (Keep in mind he has only known this for 3 days...oh-me-oh-my!) 

To bring everyone up-to-date with what is happening in the MyShannonigans home....
Well, to be honest we don't really know except that God has made it clear that change is coming.

What do you do with the reality that change is coming?  First probably panic, question, and try to figure out how to keep things in your control.  Done and did that.

What does God ask us to do?  To prepare for His leading, to be ready, to listen, and to be willing to go when called.  We are waiting and anticipating, while we prepare for what is ahead.  That means sell our house to free us up to really go and do.

Part of our preparation is also telling 8 children that change is coming, but we can't really tell them for sure what that looks like yet.  (A parents dilemma...but it must be done to help them process.)  We have grandparents take the youngest 3...and we take 5 teens out to lunch.  Of course they know something is happening since we never take them all out to eat.  It ranged from one thinking they are ALL in trouble (good negative), to guessing we are moving OR we are pregnant (almost always first thought I guess when you have 8 kids, is mom pregnant?).  Pregnant we are NOT.    

This is where we feel so incredibly blessed as our teens took the news of a move very well.  Knowing that we can't say if we will stay in Arkansas or whether we will be in another city or state.  It is such a joy watching your children grow, own their faith, and already comprehend that God's plan is gonna be better than ours. 

Now that we have told the kids we are in prep mode, packing, boxing, purging.  It's hard to follow God when you know He is asking you to be ready when you are tied to a house, a certain income, and a city.  So this is where 'a step of faith' comes for us as we are preparing for the sale of our home. 

I am discovering when I look at what we 'could be leaving behind' my heart sinks.  I panic, I dig in my heels, and I become physically exhausted.  But when I look towards the Lord I begin to 'anticipate what could come' and my heart is content.  I have peace, I almost have a skip in my step, and I can get the task at hand done.  Not that I am not tired...I am just not defeated!  Trust me...looking around at moving a house of 10 can be rather exhausting for your brain to process, so I better be looking to the Lord because 10 beds, 10 bikes, 10 closets...and on...and on...and on...well, there's just a LOT to do!

So, now you know what we know.  God has called and we are moving forward.  There will likely be plenty to blog about since we are emotional creatures and although I am in a good spot just never know about tomorrow.   I am thankful for a pastors wife that reminded me in those times to 'SIT STILL'.  When I feel the panic coming and the spinning lists in my head begin to overwhelm me....I stop and 'SIT STILL'!  God is so good to fill my cup again...and off I go to take care of the 'what next' project.

At this moment my 'what next project' is answering the current question of our 4 year old.  "Where are we gonna take the house when we move?" 

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  1. I know that feeling so well. Now that I am on the other side of it all, I can say I look forward to seeing the next part of your journey. I know God has big plans for you!