Monday, July 2, 2012

Life Happens, Now What...Keeping the Focus

As life does, things change and families adjust.  Our family is going through some changes which means mom and dad need to be focusing on God and not on our anxious hearts.  After absorbing news of things to come and thinking through (as only a mom can do, the list of things to accomplish is multiplying faster than I can think), it was like I could hear God speaking to me audibly.  

He said, "I didn't ask you to know what is ahead!  I asked you to follow me."

So, we are resting in knowing that God has never failed us and rarely have we been able to see His plan early but often after the fact we see how all the pieces fit.  We are trusting that "He works all things together for His good and perfect will."  We are praying we don't interfere with His plan but move as He guides which is often one step at a time not knowing the outcome. *FAITH steps*

My faith steps go well till things catch my eye and I lose my balance!  Leave it up to 2 cars falling apart, a vacuum cleaner deciding not to work, an ice maker sounding like its done, a flat screen loosing its pixels, you begin to think WHAT'S NEXT!  I find the hard part is pulling my eyes back to Him instead of looking at my chaos.  Each of these things on their own are a hassle, but put them all together and well it can be down right defeating.  We just have to remember that despite what it feels like, life isn't falling apart, we aren't cursed, and God is still God!

When life happens in your life, where is your focus?

Hoping the next time I blog we will at least be able to say we have 4 working cars!  There is always HOPE!


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