Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mom, YOU Are So Important...Press On!

Our baby for a day!

Today was a unique one as we cared for an infant.  Now that Brady is 4 years old it has been quite some time since we have had one that takes our full attention.  It was a sweet time of playing, cooing, rocking, feeding, burping, changing diapers...REPEAT.  As we cared for her I am reminded of those days as a mom with a little one, how much you DON'T get done.  Or do you?

It seems we so quickly discount the fact we are raising little humans!  I mean think about it...a real live human being!  Our investment will teach this child who they are, how they are to act, what to do in different situations, who they are to become, and how 'what they do' will affect society.

Take it one step further as we live in a fallen world and it is a full time job to teach/train/educate our children how to love, serve, and put others before yourself.  Showing them who Christ is, what He did, and who they are in Christ, is ongoing.  A daily battle that if we don't stay engaged...we will lose ground!

2011 Family Photo
As a mom who has given birth to 8 children and seeing her firstborn about to turn 21 in a few days, I see now what I didn't realize then...the endless repeat of changing, playing, feeding, burping, cleaning, rocking, soothing was a vital part in who this young woman is today!  Such a simple task that takes so much time was the foundation to her childhood.

Then those teenage years as we walk them through how to handle emotions...the endless talking, processing, correcting, forgiving, loving, and then saying it all again.

And now as a young adult we still serve a place.  Living life as sisters in Christ.  Sharpening one another as we both walk through life becoming the women God wants us to be.  To think I get to do this with 7 more children is just amazing.  So worth the years, days, hours of investment that I was never sure if I would see the light of day.

But....on this end...21 years on my friend!

My 'almost' 21 year old! 

What you are doing matters!!!  It's one of those jobs you don't get to see the results at the end of the day, the end of the week, and not even the end of the's a job you do, not knowing, when you will see the results. 

Things just aren't going his way - Bryce

YOU are serving a vital role that only YOU can fill!  God chose YOU to raise this little person.  He knew you were the best parent for His child, your child.  Don't lose heart when your hair stays in a pony tail for days, you lack the energy to take a shower, your carpet stays covered in laundry, toys, or whatever else can't make it to its right location!  This will pass, but for on!

Too cute for words- Abbey
Just know, you will never be able to stay on top of it all when raising  little humans!  They are too complicated, too unique, too creative, too dependent...they need you!  When you feel all the STUFF is screaming at you and you aren't making a difference.  Take that thought captive and remember this little one needs you now.

THAT STUFF...well...we may not like it, but it can wait! are important!  What you are doing matters!  The task may seem impossible with such little sleep, but YOU are making a difference!  Press On!


  1. Look like little Tindle blessed you and your whole family today! :) Great post! Now, please tell, is the last photo here Abbey? (or Hannah?) I think it's Abbey; however, that's a Hannah smile I also remember.