Monday, June 18, 2012

Time for Summer Routine

I always love when summer first approaches everyone is so thrilled to be done with schedules that you just go with the flow!  That first week runs so perfectly you think surely we can do this all summer long.  Well, 3 weeks into it and cracks are starting to form in our summer-vacation-go-with-the-flow attitudes.

It just shows that no matter how bad mom wants a vacation from being a's not happening!

But you know what?  It's okay!  I am thankful I have children to make me crazy.  

Instead of dreading the fact that my go-with-the-flow-summer has come to a semi-end I will focus on putting together our summer routine.  A little agenda, still moments of free flow, but a little structure to bring some order to our home.  

I find the children need it, dad needs it, and even mom needs it.  

Thank you Lord for wonderful breaks to remind us to enjoy life!  Time to re-group, re-focus, remember...relaxation and laughter are good for the soul!

What's your summer routine?

A couple of summer tips....

  • create a loose schedule that you and the kids can enjoy (sometimes we  put so many things (fun things) on our schedule that fun has turned into a chore.  
  • think through your family and each of your children's needs then create a schedule that helps everyone achieve some relaxing moments.  (toddlers may need naps and teens may need alone time)
  • if you find your schedule isn't working...tweak it!  (Our schedule is always being tweaked!)
  • do create some order (too much freedom can turn to boredom)
  • plan some one on one time with each of your children (its amazing what a little focused attention can do for each child)
  • Take advantage of more freedom in  your schedule and become a student of your student.  Get interested in music they like, coffee they enjoy, sports they play.  Seek to know them, not just what you think you know about them!  
  • And don't forget to laugh with your family!  Let them see a mom enjoying life, not a mom that feels trapped in her role!  (Figure out how to enjoy this amazing role that only you can fill in your home!)  
God enjoys you...let's make sure we show our children how much we enjoy them!  Even though they do take a lot of work!

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