Friday, May 25, 2012

A Legacy Passed Down...Guns, Rings, and MORE

I love what my parents have created for our kids.  Married almost 47 years ago, having 2 children only 11 months apart, and then receiving 18 grand kids in 22 THAT is a blessing!  From blessings to sorrow, my sister and I have experienced the loss of a baby plus we each have 8 other children.  Oddly enough we both have 5 boys and 3 girls each.  It is quite the party when we are all together.  Lots of memories, birthday parties, pool parties, sleep overs, and WilGibLo time (our special friends....this event is a combination of all our last names...William's, Gibson's, Logan's...get it....WilGibLo?  G'ma named our event!) 

Growing up my parents had an open door policy which meant lots of friends and guest in and out of our home.  I guess you can say we have adopted their policy into our own home.  (A Legacy passed down!)

The one regret my parents share is not having more children.  So I would definitely say they were our cheerleaders as we had 1 child, 2 child, 3 children, and more!  (A Legacy passed down!)

Probably the greatest of all gifts was making sure we grew up hearing TRUTH!  They were growing in their faith as we grew in ours.  Soon, they began teaching Sunday School, leading small groups, opening our home to youth events.  We were growing together literally and spiritually!  When we went to college they moved up to lead the college department.  As we got married and moved away and began having babies, they began helping with young families.  It kept them current and up to date with where we were emotionally and physically.  Which helped them know how to pray for us!  They knew how to come beside us and encourage us! They were and are INVESTED grandparents.  (A Legacy passed down!)

Now they find themselves at the stage when parents live out their lives and show you how to live to the end.  As dad, G'daddy, struggles to get his body to do as he wishes, or as he struggles to get the right thoughts said, he desires to pass part of himself on prior to him going home to the Lord.  It may be years or months before his passing but he wanted to enjoy what he could with the grand kids.  After lots of thought they came up with passing down his gun collection for his 10 grandsons this past Christmas!  It was wonderful to watch him share stories and memories of his favorite guns and what he shot with each one.  The boys loved hearing him share  the memories from his past with laughter and tears.  I know his true wish is his body would keep going to take these boys out.  But God has another plan.  I see these 10 young men who seem to have caught my dad's smile along with his gentle and strong spirit.  (A Legacy passed down!)

Knowing girls might not appreciate the guns G'ma and G'daddy came up with a special GIRL gift!  They decided to make rings from jewelry dad had given to my mom.  A special 14 ct. gold chain, diamonds from a "tennis bracelet" from about 30 years ago, their senior class rings, and a retirement medallion that had been presented to dad's mom about 40 years ago, they then had enough value to have 6 rings made.  The girls decided they wanted rings that matched for a special 'sister/cousin' rings.  Having college girls we had a difficult time getting them together so they had to present my sister's girls rings in Texas and then a few weeks later present our girls with their rings in Arkansas!  Their hearts desire is that the 'kids/cousins' will be close.  I think they have helped nurture those relationships over the years with sleepovers at G'ma's, girls-relationship-building-weekends (another G'ma naming event), pool parties, and traveling from state to state when we didn't live in the same area.  They did what they could to get kids together since my sister and I were nursing babies and our husbands were working they were willing to make effort to spend time with the kids  being the middle guys by giving us a break and giving kids extra time together.  (A Legacy passed down!)  

The girls all have a clear idea of the men they desire to marry.  I love that they have these rings to remind them what a picture of marriage should be!  A husband loving his wife like Christ loves the church.  A submissive wife respecting her husband.  As mom says, he loved me so well it is easy for me to care for him now (she cares for my dad 24/7 with care and honor) It is worth these kids waiting on Mr. and Mrs RIGHT!  You live your life following God and before you know it, you will see someone of the opposite sex walking beside you. Part of finding Mr. or Mrs. RIGHT is BEING Mr. or Mrs. RIGHT first!  Why look for what you are not willing to be? (A Legacy passed down!) 

  The Arkansas Girls

The Texas Girls

All the Boys from Christmas

May 2011 The entire Green Family
 A couple,then 2 girls...became 3 families with 22 people. 
 I wonder what our pictures will look like in a few more years?

What Legacy are you passing down?


  1. What a wonderful post and tribute to your parents. They truly are exactly as you described and such a blessing from the Lord. They have touched so many lives and have made an everlasting impact on so many. Love you guys! Tammy

  2. BLESSED beyond measure to be the parents of Shannon Williams and Shelley Logan!
    Thanks for your LOVE!