Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Challenge Our Kids

As a parent we have to stay invested in our kids constantly talking to them, challenging them, encouraging them, and loving them along the way.  There is a world out there that wants to OWN them.  A world that wants to take their very life and joy.  But it doesn't have to be that way!

We are constantly challenging our kids (no matter their age) to see things through God's eyes...Not their own, not their friends, not the worlds view, but God's view.  We tend to look around us and adapt to what everyone else does and forget that God just might be asking us to walk a different road.

Instead of saying, "why can't I do that?", we challenge our kids with "why do that?".  Is it because everyone else does and it looks like the norm so why can't I?  Or are you saying to yourself that others may but for some reason God might be asking me to walk a different path!  

  • We want them asking questions not just following the crowd.

  • We want them standing for a purpose not just doing it because everyone else is.

  • We want them living a life that others begin to say, what is different about you?  Not for their praise but for God's glory!  

  • We hope others will say, "why do you choose to be this way" and then they have opportunity to share their faith.  

  • We want them living for God not for self. 

Life is bigger than us!  We were created for more!  Living to glorify God will always bring more joy.  If you look to glorify Him you don't see boundaries, you see freedom!  He died so we can live!  Let's live a life that is FULL, JOYFUL, and LOVING on OTHERS.

What is He challenging your kids to do?  And are we as parents taking on the task to ask our kids to think beyond themselves?  We have found that asking our kids to do this...God then turns that to us and we are challenged to ask ourselves as parents "why are we doing what we are doing?"  

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