Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guns, Rings, and Tablets

Man!  I feel like we have had Christmas for a couple of months!
Grandma and Grandaddy have decided to make this season a fun one.  It has been an interesting year as they adapt to life with LBD.  Mom is now home with him all day and each day is a unique one.  Dad, aka "G'Daddy", has wanted to pass some things on to his grandkids.  We are so thankful he is choosing to do that now so he can enjoy seeing their excitement and love for those gifts.
He first started with the boys, 10 grandsons!  My dad loved to hunt and had a collection of various guns.  Amazing enough he had exactly the right amount of guns for his grandsons.  We set up a fun evening for the event.  Laying all the guns on the dining room table (unloaded of course!) and from oldest to youngest they tagged the gun they chose.  G'daddy could share what he shot with it and why he liked it.  Since we had little boys down to 3, they received a toy gun to play with as their brothers helped them choose wisely.  The dads take care of the guns until the boys are old enough to have it in their possession.  Let's just say it was a total HIT for these boys!  And to top it off, dad enjoyed every minute of it!   A memory to be cherished for years to come.
Next, G'ma and G'daddy have taken some diamonds out of a bracelet he gave mom years ago along with some cherished gold pieces from his mom to make all his granddaughters a special ring.  All 6 girls will have the same ring (sister/cousin ring) to be cherished.  They are still waiting on the final ring to be completed but they will soon be worn with great love!  Everytime the girls look down on their hand they will be able to KNOW that they are loved by their heavenly Father, their earthly fathers, and cherished and loved by their Grandfather!
This brings me to the latest gift surprise...the Galaxy Tablets!  My sister and I have birthdays within a month of each other.  For one month we are the same age as we were born 11 months apart!  We were so surprised when they presented us with our tablets!  SHOCKING would be a better word for it.  They really knew how to give gifts that mattered  and served us each for where we are at in our lives.  What boy doesn't want a gun?  What girl doesn't want a diamond ring?  What mom couldn't use a tablet?   
It has been fun watching dad enjoy the gifts he has given!  What we cherish most is the memories he has given us!  What an example of loving others as God loves!  My dad does this so well!  No gifts were needed to accomplish this but each gift will be cherished. 
So, let the learning curve begin!  Here is to my first blog post from a tablet:)  I'm learning all about apps, widgets, bluetooth, drop boxes, kindles and more. 
Hope this works:-) 

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