Thursday, February 9, 2012

Losing My Footing and Finding My Balance

Some days I just feel 'off' from the get-go!  Especially when I see it is 10:30 and I haven't done one subject to teach my 5 kids at home.

I did however start a load of laundry, solved an argument, kissed my husband good-bye, cleaned part of the kitchen, made my bed, gave 2 teen boys a hair cut, and showered. 

That doesn't seem to stop my mind from throwing out that I still haven't paid the bills, made our meal plan, prepared for company coming in town, school for 5 kids.  I've got college students to encourage, cars to gas up, kids to chauffeur, and then help them prepare for a youth retreat.  I still need to wash sheets, straighten the house, lesson plan next semester that is fast approaching.  We still have taxes to finish, FASFA to do, and college scholarships to apply for!  I hate to admit it but I still haven't written thank you notes for those who helped us during my husbands Gall-bladder surgery in October!  YIKES!  Don't judge me!  I am really trying! 

I'm learning to see when I am losing my footing that I need to 'stop' and 'gain my balance' before moving forward.  It won't take me long to be around a cranky toddler in the midst of meal planning and juggling 7 other schedules to lose it.  How do you not lose it?  

Find your footing...
As soon as I feel the slip coming (blood boiling) I must STOP and take a BREATH, look to GOD and find my BALANCE (why am I doing what I am doing) then I can move forward in grace. 

If not, I am like a climber on a rope spinning out of control.  

When I stop the spinning I can see my next step.  Just one step at a time to achieve that mountain.  Same thing for mom's mountain...maintaining the chaos in the home, learning to see why I do what I do, and remembering today is about preparing them for a future and not about the mess I see or my list to accomplish.  If I lose my cool, what have I taught my children? 

Hows your footing?

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