Sunday, February 24, 2013

Comfort, Rest, AND In Christ Alone

I had a special moment with God today.  Ever have one of those moments that God just speaks so loudly that you are almost in awe of what you are experiencing?

It happened at church today, most unexpectedly!  I always expect to hear from God but I just wasn't expecting what I got to feel.

When I was pregnant with Brady I often had nights when I could not sleep.  IMAGINE THAT!  I would often get up and play solitaire on the computer while I played Keith and Kristyn Getty's "In Christ Alone".  I always started with the song and ended with it before I could finely go to sleep.  Little did I know what God was doing during that precious time at 2, 3, or 4 o'clock in the morning.

After I gave birth to Brady he was in the NICU for a couple of days as they couldn't get his breathing to calm down after birth.  There are no words for a mothers separation from her new born.  My heart breaks for many moms and my heart experienced probably God's anxiousness when His son died upon that CROSS.  Since I was not allowed out of bed to see him, Barry would go be with him in the NICU.  When he would cry and fuss Barry would sing "In Christ Alone" and watch Brady just settle right down.  Later Barry came to my room and told me what had happened and I began to cry.  WHY?  Because Barry did not know that for months prior that was the song I would sing and listen to in those months of carrying Brady.

Today...we experienced a precious reminder of how we rest in God's arms.  In the early service of our church they began to sing "In Christ Alone".  As the song started. Brady was in church with us standing in front of his own chair like a big guy and as the song was sung he calmly grabbed by arms and wrapped them around his little body.  (I was in awe watching my little guy pull back to what he knew before he knew anything)  He then wanted me to hold him and while he laid on my shoulder with his tiny arms wrapped around my neck he began to sing "In Christ Alone" in my ear.  My heart was full, my eyes were watering and my mind was in complete awe of knowing God was THERE!  He was there in the dark room, He was there in the womb, He was there at my bedside, He was there in the NICU, He was there in the worship service, and He is here in this moment.  I am thankful for a Living God that makes His presence known in the most powerful ways if we listen, look, and watch.

My heart was drawn to the powerful picture of watching my little guy be drawn back to what he knew, back to his comfort, back to his safe place, back home to his mommas hands.  How much is that like us when we hear God's voice that we draw back into His comfort, His arms, His presence...our safe place.

We have the power to expose our kids to Christ in unique ways.  Who knew that in those late hours of miserable pregnancy that God was drawing my son close to Him!   Thank You Lord for being my Comforter and my All in All!  Showing up in those unexpected moments!


  1. AWWW! This brought tears to my eyes!!! What a precious memory!! Love that little boy! Wish we could have been there for Barry's ordination. Maybe we will get to make future wonderful events!!!

  2. that's.just.beautiful.
    man, are we gonna miss you guys!
    bill elliff