Wednesday, February 27, 2013

They Think I'm CUTE and They LIKE Me

This little 4 year old of ours continues to crack me up!  Sunday we were at church and Barry was being ordained by our pastor and the elders of our church.  What a beautiful time of prayer!  Touched to have men that know us so well...hold us accountable...pray for us...encourage us...and send us out.  
After the second service they called our entire family up front.  Such a touching moment to have our church congregation where we have been for almost 7 years lift us in prayer.  Not only sending Barry out but also sending our children out too.  

You know, God calls each of us to serve!  I am thankful for a church that challenges our kids to step up!  God can use you whether you are 4, 16, 40 or 72!  It is NOT just ministers He uses!  It's YOU and ME!

Leave it to Brady to make a comment that makes us laugh then causes us to explain circumstances to him.  When you see the world through a child's wonder they are confused if we don't help make sense of what they experience.  

After church he said,
"Did you see all those people around me?" 
"They were touching me and laying by me!"
Yes, Brady I did see them. 
Wasn't that a wonderful experience?
Then realizing he may not know what just took place.  (he is sitting on the edge of the stage and one of the doctors in our church came laying down beside Brady on the stage) Officially made me cry as I realized God uses even the little children and we should lay beside them and pray!  A powerful image seeing him lay beside my son, praying.  Just one more image God used that day to touch me.
Why were they there Brady?

"Because they think I'm CUTE and they LIKE me!"
*Oh dear!* I guess that is your first thought when you have 9 people adore you in your family! HA

Thinking I should clarify....
Actually Brady they were there to pray for you and lift you up to the Lord.  That you will allow God to use you to touch many lives.

"I LIKE that!"

Brady is ready for the mission at hand.  We pray that He will come to know the Lord at a young age.  I have no doubt that God is already stirring in his heart.  The early service showed this mom that God is there...calling us ALL to Him.   
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Thankful that we are able to see our children WALK with Christ.
Thankful for a church that invested in our kids and created more than just a children's area that babysits kids but empowers parents to disciple their children!
Thankful for a youth group that calls them up to serve, be used, and grow in their walk with Christ!
Thankful for adults who do life together and love us through the messes, rejoices in the joys, and encourages us to keep moving forward.
Most of all...Thankful for a Savior who died for me so that I may live!
IF He can die for me....THEN I can surely live for Him!

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