Sunday, March 3, 2013

SMILE...Like this?

Oh, WHAT a day!  
Today was the day we met our new church family!  

You should see 10 people getting ready in 2 hotel rooms!  But somehow, we got it done!  We haven't quite been used to getting to church by 8:00 a.m.!  Everyone trying to look there best and excited for what may come!  We attended 3 services and 3 'Meet and Greets' after each service.  They called us on stage during each of the 3 services and you just never know what will happen with a 4 year old.

Trying to prepare the little boys as much as possible so they don't completely shut down and fall apart on stage we explained you don't have to say anything but enjoy yourself...and we do that with a smile.  Leave it to Brady for the next convo!

"How long do I have to smile?"
Well, Brady, I think God loves when we look pleasant so why not always smile?
"How do I smile?"
"Like this" (BIG cheesy grin from ear to ear with eyes closed)
"Like this" (semi, maybe a grin)
"Like this" (grin with no teeth showing)
...NOW...I am laughing because he is as serious as can be trying to find the right smile for the occasion!

I wasn't sure how to get him to stop with the smiling dialogue as he ran through his series of smiles...then all of a sudden this picture popped up on the big screens in front of the church!

NOW....Instead of one boy quietly working on his smile, ...
I have 3 boys asking questions!

"HEY...that's our family picture!"...yes it is! Shhhh

"How did they do that?" ...they got it from dad!  Shhhh

"Why are they showing our picture!"  ....cuz we are going on stage! Shhhh

"Why" ....*shaking my head*....TO INTRODUCE US!....Shhhh  (pretty sure I already explained that!)

"Look!  There's Hannah, Mallory, Brandon, Brett..." SHHHH!

"Show dad!" ...he sees it! Shhhh

We hadn't even made it through the first service and I was exhausted...LOL
They actually did fabulous on stage for that first service!
I'm thinking the questions are over! So smooth sailing from here!  Right?!

Well, next service things were running smooth until THIS popped up!

This time there was no questions!  PTL  Instead....they opted to all 3 point, with full arm extension at the big screens!  "Look! Our picture again!"  YES!  *pretty sure I told them we were doing this 3 times!*  Guessing they didn't completely understand what that meant!  All was well again on stage.  Although Brady did begin to spin and tug...on stage this time!

One more service to go and we will have survived the 4 year on stage 3 times!

Running in to grab our seats he nearly sits with the wrong people! (that was almost a disaster!)
Next, he was flipping on the chairs, becoming less involved in obeying and more about ignore mom and do what you wanna do!  Looking at Barry I said this might get rough...LOL!

We make it on stage once again!  Now Brady wants to do a play by play about what microphone dad will pick up, when to pray, turning, tugging, leaning back looking at all his siblings, and then in the prayer...chatting, laughing, snickering, and tugging!  WHEW!  We made it!

It was a fabulous day full of 8-noon shaking hands, smiling, and talking!  The entire family enjoyed our selves!  So now of course it is off to lunch we go!  Right before the food was delivered...little guy was done! I guess all the smiling he wore his cheeks out!

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