Friday, February 8, 2013

Meltdowns, Stitches, and Cleanliness

It's life in our home these days.  Getting school into gear has created some meltdowns that mom will have to be creative in her approach!  Three things will definitely happen...
  1. School will get accomplished
  2. I will likely love the plan
  3. Meltdown children will probably hate the plan
What is the plan?  Still working on that and seeking God divine guidance.  I am sure as He always does that solution shall come before Monday!

As if life wasn't nuts already you gotta love the phone call when husband says, "quick, I need a hospital where should I take him!"  After figuring out what was Children's we go.  The older son deciding he needed some sympathy that 'our little superman'  was getting, had to get an elbow to the eye during a Home School Basketball Game!  Six stitches later...all is well.  He has succeeded in getting the attention!

There is nothing like a 5:30' sneak in nap' to be startled by the doorbell which I immediately SHOT up and shouted..."House Showing!"  (House just listed on the MLS)  I about freaked the entire house out.  I think I am slightly worried that we will miss the text someone is coming to see the house.  Have you ever seen how 10 people live in one place?  We can mess a house up in minutes...possibly even in seconds!  After every body's heart stopped racing we discovered it was UPS. that few moments everyone was scrambling...we should have shown him the house!  LOL   

So no surprise visits to our home...unless you want to see how fast 10 people can move!
All our children in our home are on more injuries!
If you got a plan for meltdown children...let me here it!  I'm still in my planning stage!

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