Friday, February 1, 2013

Boys...You Are Not Invincible!

I really should not complain since having 5 boys and this is our first real dumb boy thing!  But really! NOW?!
  • Did we have to wait when dad is without a job and the last day of insurance? 
  • Did we have to ignore moms advice about not running and hitting the wall with all your force?
  • How did this child think hitting a wall is for fun?  I've heard of kids hitting it in anger but just for fun? 
  • Did we have to ignore mom and not do our homework?  If we had been doing our homework we might not have been throwing our body into an immovable wall at light speed!
Well, at least for this child, I do believe he might just listen to MOM a little closer.

After running into wall while punching, being thrown backwards so hard it threw him to the ground, getting up and not being able to move arm, to only have neck completely go out...yep...I think lesson learned.  Shoulder is separated, arm is in a sling, pain has subsided, and the reality of life won't be normal for him for a bit has settled in. 
  • He now has the cool factor with brothers (except for Brady) who is perturbed he gets into trouble when tackling so called brother in arm sling!  (NOT the SHOULDER!)  The others are happy to assist and might secretly wish they were so tough!  (Please boys...lets not find out!) 
  • He now as the sympathy of sisters who keep hugging him and telling him how cute he is.  He's liking the attention!
  • He has moms moment of caring for his needs, loving on his broken body, and the gentle reminder "you are a mess! But I love you!"  
  • Dad is just thankful there was no hospital visit at this stage in our life! (job transition)
I am amazed once again how God created children the ability to bounce back.  Thankful it wasn't worse than it was.  Amazed it happened on the last day of insurance.  And grateful we may laugh about this for years to come.  Boys...will definitely be boys! 

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