Monday, February 4, 2013


How many questions can be asked in 7 minutes?
  • Mom, I can't find my math CD
  • Mom, did you sign me up for Fusion?
  • Mom, I've got 2 games on Thursday
  • Mom, what's for dinner tomorrow?
  • Mom, how do I get to work tomorrow?
  • Mom, when will I get the car?
  • Mom, we need more trash bags?
  • Mom, when will you fix my math CD?
  • Mom, when will we start school? (You know its bad when the kids are asking, almost pleading!)
  • Mom, when is the realtor coming again?
  • Mom, can I play ultimate Frisbee Sunday?
  • Mom, why do I have to go to bed?
  • Mom, this is what I want for my birthday!
  • Mom, where is my math CD (different kid)
  • Mom, I need another notebook.
  • Mom, we need more pencils.
  • Mom, why do I have to do school?
  • Mom, what time is my chiropractor appointment?
  • Mom, will we go to National Basketball tournament?
  • Mom, when will we move?
  • Mom, where will we move?
  • Mom, can I have a dog?
  • Mom, mom, mom, mom!  
First time in weeks I was so proud of myself to head to bed before 10:00.  The less than 10 minutes I have all these questions bouncing around in my head.  This was only the ones they said the last 7 minutes walking from the boys room to mine, this evening! 

Now I can't get my brain to stop bouncing from one thing to another.  Wondering why the CD had to break now, what will I do for dinner, how will we juggle the cars tomorrow,  when will I get to buy the trash bags, how will I fix that CD, do we have all the answers to the Realtors questions, how far away is Sunday? 

I've got birthday lists running around in my head.  The only one I seem to remember is the 4 year old's request for an iPhone and a tablet!  OH MY!  I remember the 2 gifts that WON'T happen! 

Why didn't I buy the extra notebooks now that 2 more kids need one.  Wonder where the other 50 gazillion pencils I bought this year have gone that they think we need to buy more! 

Life was already crazy before little superman!  Now he has appointments all week and not one is in the same time slot!  Our first year for basketball had to be our craziest year ever.  Crazy year plus a gazillion games...I was already messed up and this just let everyone else know how messed up I am! 

Where will we move?  When will we move?  We promise, when we know, you will know?  It is the $1,000,000 dollar question! 

Hahahaha...was my response to the dog!  How about we get our life under control before we bring in someone else that needs to be fed, trained, and watered!  Just sayin'!

On a side note: They make me crazy, I get no sleep, they ask a gazillion questions plus some!  I've asked for lights to be turned off before bed...THEY WON'T!  I've asked that they not leave their shoes in the floor....THEY WILL!  I've asked that they not be loud...THEY ARE!  I've asked that they not leave their cup in the living room...THEY ALREADY DID!    But you know what?  It is still a wonderful blessing and honor to be their mom!  And although I will be lacking in sleep for days and years to will always be a joy to hear them say MOM!

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  1. We are not in the middle of selling our house, but I can honestly say this post was EXACTLY what is in my head! Last night, at one point, I looked at my extremely patient husband - amidst questions and talking and questions and two sick kids calling for me - and he just smiled. I feel like my head will explode! Ha! Thanks for reminding me I'm not alone. Grateful HIS grace is sufficient.