Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Missed It

It surely was not what I was expecting last weekend when I stayed home from church to discover that I missed a moment of seeing God work. I've been praying and asking God to bring revival and I missed it! Or did I?

Having RA and knowing I had over done myself the previous week, meant adjustments in my schedule had to happen to keep me from having lasting affects. Knowing that I needed to stay home from church I enjoyed a leisure morning with my little boys. We were waiting for daddy and the boys to come home from a Men's Retreat, another daughter return from Passions Conference in Texas, and the church service to end to reunite and pick everyone up.

Once Dad returned home I headed to church to pick up the crew. It became apparent after an hour of waiting that something was happening inside the building. Talking with my college daughter I headed home and the kids would come when the service ended. That service ended 2 hours later!

I won't lie, I was saddened that in prayer time with God that morning He didn't push me to church. Tearful as I prayed on the way home that I had missed seeing God he gently reminded me I had missed nothing! He reminded me that I had been praying for revival. Not only praying for revival but asking that my children could experience it, see it, feel it, live it. He reminded me that I might not have been in that service but I was still part of it through prayer.

You know, God doesn't ask us all to serve the same part!

God pointed out my selfish heart that "I" wanted to be there! You may think that isn't a selfish desire. But it is when I was saddened I was missing out and NOT rejoicing in those that are hearing! I lost my focus for a moment!

Once again God continues to teach me that He has another plan than mine.

Our church is seeing a movement of God. But it really isn't contained to our church. Ask anyone that was at Passion's. Ask those on the Men's Retreat. I imagine if we look there are other churches seeing God at this moment too. Could God be awakening our churches to go be LIGHT? I think we have been a little nightlight these last few years but I think he is ready for the LIGHTHOUSE lights to shine!

Is your light shining BRIGHT?

Last night we were able to attend Day 3 of our spontaneous revival. Taking an entire family of 10 means mom and dad might not hear all there is to gain from a revival. Or do we?

Missing more than I was catching, but training by example more than I could speak with words!

When they were praying and your 9 year old son hears a word and then begins to quote scripture, He was being moved by God. When he begins to ask questions and you get the opportunity to see if He knows God and find out He really did mean that prayer with his 11 year old sister at his bed last year God entered his heart. There is much for him to learn and grow in maturity, but he has that child like faith! When your 2 year old sees you praying and then wants to pray with you. "I pray mom." Then YES! I may not have heard all there was to hear in that service but my children DID!

Oh parents! Don't deprive your children from missing opportunities with God. Moments with you training while they grasp what is happening. Don't quench the spirit in the children!

Are you looking? Are you praying? Are you letting God use you the way He desires?
I didn't Miss anything!!!

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  1. Loved what you said about other churches seeing God at this moment. This past Sunday our church members pledged an outstanding amount on Sunday to equipping our church to meet today's generation--something that wouldn't have happened over a year ago. I find it truly amazing that so many "conservatives" are willing to go out of their comfort zone and give to reach the unchurched. God is working in our city!