Sunday, April 10, 2011

He's Copying Me

If you wanna know what you look like or who you sound like, just watch your kids. It is evident that they catch more than they are taught.

I was reminded of this once again at church the other night. We attended another prayer service. A time to share testimony, watch baptisms, and pray for others. We were praying specifically for all the kids headed to Prom. As we stood there with several of us with our arms around each other, it didn't take long for the toddler to stand up on the chair and wrap his arms around our shoulders. He bowed his head and engaged in prayer. He doesn't have to understand all that was taking place, he just knows what was happening was important and he wanted to be part of it.

I'm thankful for moments I can see them mimic something I am proud of verses only copying my failures.

I tend to see more of the bad they mimic than the good.
I also tend to think at times how can I teach them when I still fail miserably at the things I am asking them to do.

I've leaned this does not let me off the hook from teaching. It doesn't change the fact that I can draw a line for my kids that I may fail at holding myself. They need to obey me and God will deal with me. If I only taught my kids what I have conquered, WELL, NOT much would ever be taught!

I must continue to train towards holiness even in my lack of holiness. This is where we see God step in. He loves to take the imperfect and show Himself strong. If we could straighten up our own life then where would our need for a Savior be?

The fact remains that we can't straighten up our own life! Why? We are too self-centered.

The hardest role as a parent is to teach those things at which we fail ourselves. But to let our children know we are also God's child and we too are failing at times...lets our children know that failure will come....we just don't have to be defeated by our failure. We have a forgiving God and He has given our children a picture of that in our own lives.

We fail our kids when we don't let them see us broken, see us repent, see us ACCEPT forgiveness, and see us go again with God beside us.

Don't be afraid of your children seeing your failures. Be afraid of teaching our kids that perfection is the only path!

What we need to teach our children is to see how fast you can see your sin and turn! Sin will come! BUT we don't have to remain in it!

My children are gonna see me fail.
But how fast will my children see me seek forgiveness and turn from that sin?

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