Tuesday, April 5, 2011

God Is Here

What happens when you have a father and teen sons attend a Men's Retreat, a high-school daughter head to Texas for the Passions Conference, and a church that follows God's heart?

You see God move in HUGE ways in just one weekend, life has changed!

You see Him speak to each of your children. They see Him touch and redeem lives. We all feel God speaking. We each are asking what do you want to say to us. We are all praying for others to feel God peace. They see God working in the lives of their friends, their friends parents, and their community. And in each of us!

We long to know God hears. We long to see God work. We are seeing!

What will He be asking of us tonight? Where will He lead?

Let's not quinch the Spirit! Our eyes are open and we are ready to go where God will take us.

Are you?
Do you know God IS here?
When did you last hear from Him?
When you heard, did you let Him work in you?
What is He asking you to do?
Where is He asking you to go?
Call out and listen...because He is here!

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