Monday, April 4, 2011

I Know WHO I Am

This past week I have been in awe watching God move in the lives of my children.

There are moments in life you wonder will they be okay?

As parents we hope we guide them well and that they aren't faced with too many disappointments. It is a hard road to walk sometimes when you try to figure out do I encourage them to take a step of faith or is this step too big at this time.

I discovered that there may be moments their steps might be BIG but when they KNOW who they are in Christ. Those big steps amount to big FAITH whether they get the desired outcome or not.

I loved watching my 12 year old make a decision to audition for a musical in our local theater. Doesn't sound like a huge deal until you realize she has never been in a play, never sang a solo (wasn’t even sure if she could sing), and had one year of dance when she was five. To top it all off she had 1 week to get ready to audition.

Not waivering from the task at hand we were in a rush to find a monologue (I had no idea how to locate one) and then find a song sheet so she can sing 16 bars of that song (I had no idea what 16 bars were)! You see, I was a dancer and in my world, dancers don't talk! Whether I wanted to talk or not was beside the point. I had a daughter that wanted to try something big. Not only big but something very much outside my comfort zone and knowledge to even help.

So what do you do?

Find another parent that can walk beside you, encourage you, and help you learn what you do not know.

I am so Thankful for Mrs. Kim who took time out of her busy day to encourage my daughter. Not only did she help walk her through the task of performing a monologue but gently walked my little girl into pushing past her fear to sing out and see if she could sing.

Watching her shyly approach Mrs. Kim, I wanted to take the pressure off. At the same time, I wanted to see her handle the pressure! (This is the life of a teenage parent! Letting go and letting God fill in where we use to stand. Doesn’t mean our role is over. We are very much still needed. We are walking with them through this next phase of life.)

So, I stayed inside while they sang outside. I can't tell you the joy I felt as I heard that precious voice begin to sing. I was watching my little girl move past childhood. I was watching a little girl begin to discover more of what she can do.
As we left we began to talk about the possibility that only 1 in 5 even make it into this theater class. She was very well aware that she might not make it. Knowing it was not very likely to get in that didn't stop her from trying!

Here is the part I love!

• She didn't let her lack of expertise keep her from trying something big!
• She had faith that it could happen.
• She knew that whether she made it to call backs or not, that as God's child she would not be defined by the lack of a role.
• She was discovering that her experience, the journey, and her response was as much of what God was after, than just the outcome.
• I love that we have a God who can walk us through some big steps.
• I love that our Lord will give us hope in any circumstance.
• I love that my Lord loves me for Who I am, not what I do.
• I am the proud mom of a daughter that knows who she is in Christ!

No, she didn’t get the part.

Her response?
“Aww, that’s okay I can’t wait to audition again!”

She is still smiling and still singing.

Yes, my 12 year old is a young woman and no longer a child. She lives each day knowing who she belongs too and that whether we succeed or fail God loves us for who we are and not for only what we can accomplish!


  1. Super Proud of this precious young lady!

  2. AND, SUPER PROUD of her Mom and Dad who have done an incredible job of introducing each of their children to the Lord of the Universe ....Our Creator God and His Son, Christ Jesus!