Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Discipline, Disciple, Train

Where are our expectations when it comes to parenting?

I think we all seem to have this idea that we teach, then we discipline the child, need to address the situation again.  Well, let me be frank.....GET THAT IDEA OUT OF YOUR HEAD!  We are setting ourselves up for failure, disappointment, and frustration when we think we train once and it is over.  I can tell you for certain as a mom of 8 kids from 20 - 3 years that you will repeat yourself over and over a gazillion times! 
  • Did you know to discipline is to disciple?
  • Did you know to disciple it to train?
  • Did you know training is on going? 
Training doesn't mean they are means we are working on this!  

I recently read an article on "Why French Parents Are Superior" and I loved how they view parenting as educating.  We see parenting as discplining which gives a negative connotation.  I like the positive feeling I get when I think of parenting as educating!  
  • Are we educating our kids how to sit and eat in a restaurant?
  • Are we educating our children how to shop at Target without running down the isles?
  • Are we educating our children how to play quietly at the doctors office?
  • Are we educating our children how to politely get our attention?
  • Are we educating our children how to entertain themselves without Video, TV's, mom's attention or constant entertainment?  
What is a parent to do?

Tell your children what you expect.   
(how to act in whatever situation you are about to walk into)
Then inspect what you expect.   
(hold them accountable when they do not follow your directions)

Children are a blessing to us and others when they are trained!  I have yet to have a child that doesn't want to please mom and dad. We have fun teaching them the best way to show others what you believe is OBEDIENCE!  We always make sure when adults compliment our children we tell them....YOU were a testimony/blessing to others in what you just did (describing how they obeyed).  They always (always may be an exaggeration...most the time is more accurate...LOL) seem eager to tackle another store and see if they can do it again.  Mom wins (because I can keep shopping) they win (because they know they just pleased mom!...which also means...they just pleased God!)

We are far from perfect!  We are still in training!  I've got a crazy 3 year old boy who is learning the ropes.  So don't judge us when you see me on my knees, talking to him eye to eye at Target, to look at mom and OBEY


  1. I think you should post my favorite eye to eye photos with Hannah about 28 years ago "on the hill" in Rusk. :) Those 3 pics are worth a thousand words.

  2. that would be 18 years ago, NOT 28 :)