Thursday, September 9, 2010


Obedience is one of the things we should be diligent to teach as parents. And yet there is probably nothing more draining than training our children day in and day out. But the rewards for staying in this battle will be reaped for years and years to come.

Having our first daughter move out and live on her own has brought back a flood of memories. Probably the most recurring memory is the hours upon hours we sang a song I learned prior to ever having children.

Life Action Ministries came to our church and this was a song they taught to the children during their time. I learned it from the Gibson kids while I cared for them over the years. It stuck with me until I had children. The Lord brought it to mind one day when I was trying to get my 3 year old and 1 year old to pick up their toys. The first song of choice was Barney's..."clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere". Catchy, fun, but wasn't really getting to the heart of what I wanted my girls to learn. Because we all know over time the fun catchy song only takes you so far! Eventually that sinful heart will begin grumbling, complaining, and rolling its eyes.

It was actually in the car one day when I was desperate as a young mom to teach my 3 year old what I meant by obedience and the song came back to mind. (I often find the Lord answering my mom questions or pleas in the car and there! Still true today!) Obedience is more than doing the action.

Now that we have a large family I am discovering what I taught the first 1/2 of my kids I have forgotten to pass down to the last few. Thankful for the Lords prompting, we will be bringing back "The Obedience Song".

I love today's technology. I wanted to share the song but you just lose something in typing out the words verses hearing the tune. And no matter how bad I wanted to share the tune I WAS NOT GOING TO SING! But with a quick YouTube search....I FOUND IT!

Grab your kids and learn a wonderful song on obedience! And let the song bring about wonderful discussions on what true obedience really is all about! THE HEART!

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  1. Well, first it is HILARIOUS that this song is on YouTube...and that you thought it MIGHT be and found it! HILARIOUS! Secondly, I am going to learn this song immediately and begin brainwashing my little lovelies with it! :) They are quite used to me singing crazy sunday school songs anyway! Thanks for sharing! M.