Friday, March 16, 2012

STOP the Bickering

Mom's gonna lose her mind!

I hate nothing more than to wake up and then have children and teens bicker at one another and try to drag me into their chaos!  It is amazing how one sour attitude can contaminate the entire family!  It can be an out-of-control virus!  Or a wild fire spreading to child to teen to parent!

Give me 10 minutes of that and I was praying...Lord, get me out of this mess!  Next, thing I know He gave me a plan of action!

Called the 2 who started the mess and advised them they would now have to work together and clean the kitchen.

  • If they fussed without serving one another I would give them another room to clean, TOGETHER!  
  • If the child fussed...then even the teen would be in trouble.  
  • If the teen fussed...then even the child would be in trouble.  
  • The GOAL...they would help each other do right verses pointing out each others faults!  
In seconds we were living in bliss again! 

The BONUS...I got a clean kitchen and they solved their own issue without dragging me down that path with them!  

How's the atmosphere in your home?

1 comment:

  1. Terrific creative solution! You guys are doing a great job teaching, training and instructing! We are sooo proud to be related to YOU!