Friday, March 2, 2012

Birthday, Window, Purse, and Prisoners

Life is just full of the unexpected!  Take one simple day to celebrate a birthday and before long it has turned into something more than I predicted!  It has been a crazy busy year for us.  My husband decides to take off work to honor me.  Trying to spend a little time together was all we were aiming to do.  Of course we had a few details to tidy up first!  Let's see if I can re-cap the events!

First off my husband takes me to Chiropractor, then helps college daughter get her car out of the shop, back to pick me up...(you see I left my keys in the van from the night before and completely drained the battery!)  He was so sweet to take care of us!  Back to the house to jump the van then off for our day date we go!

He did recommend I NOT leave my purse in the car!  But I was positive I did not want to set my brand new purse on the GROSS movie theater floor!  (I should have opted for the gross floor vs no purse at all!)  He put my purse in the back, under the seat to keep it safe.  I grab his hand and off we go enjoying our moments together!  Having some great laughs, hand in hand, we walk back to the van and discover the crime!

A gazillion phone calls, 2 iphone batteries completely drained, bank cards cancelled, window busted, purse stolen, checks stopped, and a 4 hour police wait...I think I will heed my husbands advice next time.  (I love this man who didn't complain about me leaving my purse in the car, he didn't yell at the sight of the broken window, and was kind to everyone who stopped to talk!)

We found humor in the police dusting the van for finger prints when they were amazed at how small some of the prints were!  Well, YOU think that might be because we have 8 kids!  LOL

So....I don't know about YOU...but I think the little one did it!  

Here was my husbands facebook post for the evening....."A great day despite the theft.  In the 3hours we had to wait I got the opportunity to meet and talk to all kinds of people. When people see people who's day may be going a little worse than their own they suddenly become a little less guarded and a bit more caring. I guess you could say the worst in some people brought out the best in others today. God is good all the time."

All in all it was a great birthday!  Great weather and a reminder I married the perfect man for me!

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