Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Being Squooshed

It is definitely a wild year!  I've pretty much resolved myself to the fact I will have to rely upon the Lord because there is NO possible way to manage it all!

We are in the sandwich generation!  You know, the one where you are caring for your children and helping with your parents.  It's funny though, because even though some days I am drop dead tired I'll do it again tomorrow if needed!

I wonder if I could actually say we are in the triple sandwich generation, or actually maybe the quadruple sandwich generation.
  1. Caring for parents
  2. Raising a toddler
  3. Parenting teens
  4. Influencing our young adult college students
That doesn't include nurturing a marriage and parenting our 7-10 year olds!  Those 2 things actually seem easy at the moment!

No matter where I find myself I must fill my cup because if you are a mom, you are being squooshed one way or another!  That can be a scary thing when you aren't sure what will come out during the squooshing process!  I grab what I can to fill my cup!  Whether it be digging into Scripture, calling out in prayer, reaching for a friend, attending a study to remind me what is important, or just having my husband hold me for awhile.  God is good to give me a variety of resources to make me a viable mom!

When the squooshing reveals the unpleasant, that is my cue to dig deep!  I won't always respond well but I am thankful God will always be within a moments grasp!  No matter what, I will be thankful I am able to be squooshed!  To say I have grown up with loving parents and have been blessed with 8 wonderful children, I count it a pleasure to be squooshed!   


  1. You "squoosh" so beautifully! LOVE YOU!

  2. We are very thankful you SQUOOSH so beautifully!
    Love you!

  3. I was taught how to be squooshed by this beautiful woman I know and love!