Friday, February 24, 2012

The Interrupt Rule...I LIKE IT

Toddler training in full swing!  We have never seemed to have the 'terrible 2's' in our home.  It seems we have always had the 'push the limit 3's'!

The problem is when you are #8 in the family your training seems to take a little longer to be noticed because we are all moving at teenage speed!  Poor guy!  He has done quite well staying up with all the activity.  He jumps right in for some limbo action.  He can play a little cards.  He will flip a few times over different guest in our home.  And the laughter comes when he tries to say their names, warwa, atin, day, ope, moia, etc.  Inevitably he will go too far, be too silly, and interrupt the fun.  That is our cue to step in and remove him! 

Our new move...well old move...just with new kid, is to train him how to get our attention without jumping in our laps, crawling over our heads, or shouting our names a dozen times.  We are teaching him the "interrupt rule"!  I can't remember where we learned might have been "Growing Kids Gods Way".  Not sure!  All we know is this rule has been a life savor with 8 children!

Here is how it works....
Teach the child if he wants your attention to lay his hand on your arm or shoulder, without saying a word, wait quietly, until you look at him.  After a couple of practices and then teaching the teens to do the same...he's got it.  Now it is up to us to hold him accountable. (This is the harder part of the training!) 

This morning I was working on the computer and he quietly put his hand on my arm.  I quickly looked at him and realized he was doing the interrupt rule.  I looked right in his eyes and told him "Thank You for using the interrupt rule, what do you need?"  Then he proceeded to jabber.  (He's a talker!)  After realizing my excitement over his use of the interrupt rule.  He practiced a few more times!  YES...we have child #8 trained.  Well, I should say we have child #8 informed of knowledge that will help him.  I am quite sure our training will continue.  But at least he knows WHAT to do!

A couple of rules we have for phone or interrupt rule.
  • If I say just a minute and you keep asking, "the answer will always be NO"
  • If you keep talking when I ask you to stop "the answer will be NO" 
Give kids a NO a few times and they will completely GRASP the rule!  If you find yourself being controlled by your kids, drop a couple of NO's so they see you mean business.  Look for opportunity to say YES when they have done it the right way!  And before long you will find you can finish a conversation, finish a task, or actually even finish a thought!  Such a NOVELTY of an idea! 

We aren't born with self control!  Self control MUST be taught!  Are you teaching self control to your children?  Better I using self control in my life?  hmmm!

We must teach our children to be master over their desires and passions or leave them to be controlled by them!  Only during the younger years do we have the luxury to train this.  Because in the near future it will be up to them to manage.  And apart from Christ, I'm not sure how you can master those things.  We are all born selfish and eager to please self!  Let's do our part as moms and dads and give them the knowledge with how to bring their impulses under submission.  And then continue to point them to Christ so that He can direct their paths.

Here is a thought to leave you with, "What you don't learn to master, will master you!"

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  1. This is right where I'm living!!! We've been teaching Sammy the interrupt rule, although haven't named it that. We're still working on the "laying" his hand on our arm or shoulder...he still pats rapidly (which is almost as bad as jumping on or yelling at us). When reminded, he quickly rests his hand. He's made lots of progress and we're all so thankful! :D Janell