Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dating Questions Teens Are Asking

Are your teens talking to you about dating?  IF they aren't...then figure out why!   Because they ARE to someone! 

If there is one thing we have learned (at least in our family) is that teens don't just offer up information.  For us, we have to ask.  IF 'we' don't ask, THEY don't tell.  We think we have the relationship that they could ask us anything and yet...I think they often don't because they aren't sure how to bring the topic up. 

We are learning to be diligent in bringing up the topics. 

I love how our youth ministry is bringing up the topics and inviting parents to run with the knowledge of the questions their kids are asking.  Blake Hudspeth (our youth minister) posted this blog of 24 Dating Questions our teens are asking.   We look forward to the conversations with our teens while at the same time diving into helping them understand....
  • there is more to purity than just virginity
  • that dating are/should be friendships that continue, not end after a relationship has come to past
  • how to date well
  • how to be able to look back on these years with joy and not regret
  • what is a guys role (for our boys)
  • what is a girls role (for our girls)
  • how their actions affect the opposite sex  
I love the phrase I heard from a Bible Study I am in about 5 Conversations to have with your son and daughters.  The comment was...If your teen is not saying, "MOM!  This is awkward!" then something is wrong...LOL  We have to make these moments count.  We must bring up what they aren't sure they really want to talk to us about. We must keep diving into the conversations until it doesn't seem so awkward.  About the time we get one teen past the awkward comes another one! 

Check out the 24 Dating Questions and have fun with your teen conversations!

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