Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Momma's Dream...Organization

I could pictures of our accomplishments this past week. I have been a crazed woman doing all I could possibly do to bring order to my undisciplined, unorganized, uncontrolled boys. I love them, but the mess is making me insane. Basically I was giving up on them. Not sure that benefited anyone but I also know losing all control of maturity and throwing a fit about their mess is no way to be either.

The solution...
Wait until the moment arises and seize the day! (We seized the week!)

Husbands concern I was going to do too much and have some of my episodes where body parts don't work. I convinced him we could do it with teen daughters help (and I got oils...LOL). Well, the first sign of friends and teen daughter bailed on me! But who rescued the day? My hero! There is one thing I know about my husband, when he starts a task he will do it well and do it to completion!

First up, PAINT!

With the help of an eager toddler we were well into a major project!

TaDa...Finally a room I think my boys will enjoy! It might have taken us 2 1/2 years to get this done but we finally DID IT! 2 bunk beds, 1 trundle, and 5 boys will be sleeping snug in their beds!

The wooden bunk bed my brother-in-law made! It can be taken apart and be two singles beds when we need it (I like versatility). And he specifically designed the bottom bed to be high enough so a trundle could fit under it. "New Creation Custom Woodworking" is his company. We haven't convinced him to get a website up as of yet so I am thinking I'm gonna have to publish some of his projects on here! I am so impressed with his work!

YES, toddler will move to the big boys room now! (I hope I don't discover I have lost my mind pulling him out of the crib and joining the chaos of the boys mess and smell!)

Notice the confusion on his face! Told him it was time for nap and he ran up to his room. I guess he forgot the 49 times I told him we were moving him downstairs.

NEXT up, my most proudest moments! Pretty sure my sister (miss organization) will be proud of my shining moment! picture is my proud moment! This picture is the reality of boys sharing a room and a closet. This picture, would be typical!


4 boys sharing this closet! Finally a walk in closet you can walk into! It took me two days to get this closet in order! But I did it!

We have 4 hanging slotted racks (one for each boy!)
We have 4 racks (built buy previous owners) for shoes!
We have 4 shelves perfectly designed for jeans, shorts, and pj's!
Notice below the 3 for whites, shirts and jeans!
I do have my older boys do their own laundry! And all boys put up their things.

Posting pictures so I can remember the day in which the shelves were organized and the racks were full. Knowing full well that boys will be boys and I am quite sure I will find shirts on the ground, shoes on their brothers bed (because none of them put their own shoes on their own bed...who wants those germs? But they don't give it a second thought to pass the germ to their brother they adore!) and clean clothes in the hamper! I am still hoping to train to my expectation. Now having a room I like to look in, and a closet with some organization, I hope I will INSPECT what I EXPECT!

For those that follow on FaceBook...sorry for the double post. I can't quite figure how to stop that! Seems like it should be easy to get it to quit but NOT for me! Hopefully one day soon I will get that under control!

For now, its closet control!


  1. I am so impressed!!! You are awesome!

  2. Looks beautiful! You needed them OUT of the hosue to get that done. (still haven't moved little man out of the crib. ugh.)