Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No Rest for Us

I am positive the kids are gonna have to come home so I can finally rest! Who would have thought that having 6 kids gone for a week, WE would get NO rest!

Knowing my opportunity to sort, dump, and organize without the distraction of why, do we have to, and I want it done this way...meant me working NON-STOP while the kids are away!

Exhausting as it may have been, to work at your own pace, make your own mess, and then clean up only your own stuff, there is just something PRICELESS in that activity!

Very thankful kids have been busy with G'ma's help. I am getting my moment to RUN through some to-do-list that have been on my mind for 2 years! Loving my husband all the more that he was willing to put up with my rush, hurry list. Realizing how much simpler this will be while so many of the family is away I think he enjoyed getting it off the list too. He might not see the 'urgency' that I see, he may not even see the reason 'why' that I see, nor does he probably care like I 'care' that a room is painted, closets are switched and beds are moved around. But the fact that he is willing to jump on my to-do-list bandwagon means the world to me.

Exhausted, finally clean, I need to grab some Lavender for a snoring husband before I join him in the evening of sound sleep!

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