Thursday, May 20, 2010

Essential Oils

Do you ever get concerned at the number of medications we take? Do you wonder the side effects they may have on us or our children? With potential RA (I keep saying potential because I still have not been diagnosed *hooray* but I do have issues that could be rheumatoid arthritis) and the awareness of the side affects the drugs have over time has made me want to be more diligent in being proactive and trying a natural way before diving into traditional medicine. I am NOT opposed to traditional medicines! I think they serve their place. I do think we should give more thought in the medicines we choose to take...making ourselves aware of all that is involved. For me, I choose to fight with the God given medicinals as essential oils first. There may be a time to proceed to other things but for now these are working better, quicker, and are God given natural meds in the plants He created with no side effects! Learning more about Gods creation and how everything has a purpose only intrigues me more to learn, learn, learn, and to seek other symptoms of my family and see what God has already put here for us to use.

Essential Oils are worth checking into. I have been familiar with them for some time but had really only used Melaleuca Oil (Tea Tree Oil) for a variety of things in our home. We have used this particular oil for over 6 years and continue to be amazed at the benefits we receive from just ONE oil! Not sure why it took me so long to check into other essential oils and their benefits, but I finally did it. And I am still in awe of Gods creation. Thankful for the science that can now see the benefits in the plants God put here at the beginning of creation! Whether you understand the science or not the oils truly speak for themselves.

Experiencing pain again in my joints and looking for anything to bring relief I decided to give it a try. I used Wintergreen and Peppermint Oil and within 5-10 minutes I had instant relief. Over the counter medication and prescription strength, neither one brought ANY sign of relief. I was very thankful that I gave the oils a try.

I began to think if it can work for joint pain what else can they do. I have discovered the list goes on and on. Like headaches, muscle aches, allergies and acne. (these are the things we have used them for in our family.) Other things like ADD, ADHD, high blood pressure, stress, nausea, the list goes on and on. For the things our family battles we have seen good results with each.

Today I am leaving a video for you to view. This takes about 5 minutes but it gives you a general overview of the benefits to essential oils. I would love to share more with anyone seeking information. In my opinion, the oils speak for themselves when you give them a try. When your 8 year old begs for Lavender or your teenage son wants to give some oils to a friend because it brought him relief with a virus he was fighting and he wanted to pass it on, then you know something must be working.

Click on the link and see what oil testimonies are shared with things your family deals with from day to day or time to time. If you like what you read, want to know more, or would like to purchase some things for your family...please let me know. I am now a young-living distributor and am learning more and more myself. I would love to help you meet the needs of your family, answer your questions, or learn with you the answers I don't know. Learning the value with the sweet aroma and power of the essential oils!

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