Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I Have Decided!

Things I have decided.....

  • May will always be one event after another...overlapping! (meaning mom barely has time to breath!)
  • Girls talk A LOT
  • Boys will go insane on rainy days!
  • Mom will always want to paint when the budget won't allow for it!
  • If a suggestion is made to rearrange rooms, and I like it...IT will happen within 24 hours.
  • Teenagers will ALWAYS get mad at you if they have homework. (Even when they are the cause of the homework.)
  • Toddlers will go through screaming stages and this will rattle mom's sanity!
  • If you have an iPhone it is one more thing the kids beg to play on!
  • Medical bills will fill in any gap of extra money you receive!
  • There will always be at least one broken car in our driveway!
  • Kids, when bored, will somehow break something in your house!
  • I should just get used to the fact there will be a minimum of 100 questions per child per day!
  • There will NEVER be a day of no laundry!
  • Open windows and music always make my day brighter. (even on rainy days)

Things I am thankful for!

  • May means the end of school and summer is just about here!
  • I will never have to carry the conversation with a girl around!
  • When the sun is out and the boys go is GREAT!
  • I will figure out a way to buy paint the next paycheck!
  • I know I can't complain when we rearrange rooms because if I ever do Barry will probably never let me do it again! heehee!
  • I am learning to not take it personal when the teens are mad! Well, most days!
  • Toddlers CAN be trained NOT to scream!
  • I can choose what apps are on my iPhone! Useless games are coming off and educational games will be all they can find!
  • When extra bills come somehow the money is provided! (I typically had another plan for it but at least we eventually get those things paid off!)
  • At least we have some working cars! Even if it is a truck with no air and I still forget what gear I am in.
  • Pretty much have nothing thankful to say about kids breaking things in my house *ugh*
  • I will be thankful for the 100 questions per child because my home could be empty and quiet!
  • If we are going to pay hundreds of dollars for a washer and dryer...they might as well be used daily!
  • Even with the chaos my life ROCKS!

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