Thursday, May 13, 2010

Regret to Rejoice

I am sure you are with me...flying at warp speed and just trying to hold on to any sanity that you have at the moment!

Can one more thing be added to May? NO

Can our world go any faster? I HOPE NOT

Can mom keep her composure? NOT SO SURE

I struggle to find balance the last few days. Wondering whether I make a difference in our home when I see us running from one event to the next and then passing out when we get home. I continue to look and see what can be adjusted or cut to let us walk with a purpose verses running around this way and that!

I am not sure I am having any eye opening ideas. So, I am left with learning how to juggle the chaos where we hopefully function with a purpose instead of barely making it to this event or that. I feel like we are never gonna have a family dinner again.

I miss my blogging because I just had a thought...

this is like our "couch time" as a couple. Having so many kids we often don't get regular date nights. Our couch time has let us have the time together EVERY day verses a good 3-4 hour date once a week or once a month.

maybe our family dinners are the same. I need to look for our "connect time" verses looking for our 1 hour dinner each night. Maybe I am having more time with my family than I think.

all that running around shuffling kids from this event to that one has given me some one on one time with them.

  • Running the boys to tennis with limited seats in the 2 and maybe 4 seat truck allows for a few conversations here and there.
  • Picking up the girls from work or driving one to physical therapy has left for wonderful moments to chat.
  • Enjoying my preteen helper as she picks up where mom leaves off with kitchen, laundry, and childcare. We chat as we come and go and are serving together a lot.
  • Singing to the toddler each night gives us a moment to relax in each others arms.
  • Sitting in the little boys room before they fall asleep gives me a moment with no distractions with my little men.
  • Waiting on the teens to come home and watching them eat another meal upon their return. To chat and snack in the kitchen before the finish of the day.
  • Sitting on the bed with my partner, husband, and friend. As we rejoice in another day complete and pray for strength in the day to come.

I had the blessings before me and didn't realize the moments I was enjoying. I believe each of these times will be more of a blessing now that I see God has given us precious time together and I want to make the most of those moments while I have them. Whether I am on a date or having "couch time", whether I am having a family meal or having a "connect moment", I am going to look for these opportunities that God has given me and make the most of them!

Take a look at your moments...
what has God given you that you might have missed?

Don't skip this step! Your mom heart might find peace in 'your' world of chaos!

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