Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Couch Time" Do You Have One?

Barry and I are getting the opportunity to attend a taping on "Marriage Oneness" by Tim Lundy! It is gonna be great! As couples we can't afford not to take the time to build into our marriages. We are a firm believer that good marriages don't just happen, they take work. Tonight our topic was on communication.

How is the communication in your marriage?

Barry asked me tonight, "What is it that makes you feel most connected to me?"
I think it is our "couch time".

Years ago, I can't even remember who we heard this from, but it was suggested that you have "couch time" as a couple. (It might have come from Growing Kids Gods Way.)

What is "Couch Time"? It is grabbing your moment as a couple to connect. Just like we need a quiet time with the Lord. We also need time with our spouse! Our kids need to see that there are a couple of things that must happen and mom and dad getting their moment MUST happen:D The routine is typically Barry walking in and being greeted by the little ones shouting, "daddy, daddy". Within about 30 minutes we will grab our moment...somewhere. When we had one child, couch time, literally was on the couch while our little curly headed girl played. Now days it might be on the couch, it could be a moment in our room, or even possibly at the dinner table. Even in the midst of 8 kids, work, house, and many friends in and out of our home we grab our moment!

Why do I like our time? Because it is my moment to find out how my husband is, what he has been doing and I love to look for opportunity to encourage him. He does the same for me. He sees how I am doing and finds moments to encourage me. We can talk about work, talk about a child, maybe a good quote we heard, a good moment for a face to face. It doesn't take much for us to feel connected. We won't get opportunity to solve all our issues or cover a lot of things but we DO get our moment. In the midst of a busy,crazy life, I love a husband that invites me into his world and enjoys coming into mine!

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