Monday, October 12, 2009

A Slow Morning...Frustration Is Building

A very slow start this morning. At least I got my head in gear last night and knew what to expect today! Decided to take a moment to blog and maybe I can get myself calmed down from the overwhelming thoughts FLYING through my head that are about to take me down!

Well, "I NEED MY MOMMA!" Life has moved way faster than I these last few weeks. We are now down to 2 computers. Basically all my planning for school...down the drain! Pretty sure my laptop isn't going to make it much longer either! We have threatened everyone's life if they touch that thing!

On top of spending 4 hours a day doing the van shuffle, the menu planning, chore making, child breakdowns, sibling fights, and horrible looking bathrooms....I now get to adjust school:/ *pooh*

The upside?
The college student may not have gotten into college because of the chaos of the school losing her stuff but she does have a fabulous job!

The high schooler is managing a very busy life with job, school, and Ultimate Frisbee! I love to hear her debate why should she get to go! Cracks me up...she is passionate about her activities!

The teen boys were very blessed to attend DV8 with the youth group! A weekend with their buddies building relationships and being challenged by God! So very thankful for a church that reaches kids and moves them into relationships with the Lord! These kids aren't bystanders watching others praise Him....they are right there leading it!

(wow...looking at the positives is beginning to lift my spirits!)

My pre-teen daughter got a weekend with her buddies. Missed one friend because of the flu and watching the girls miss her and share that love with her is just precious. They made notes and we drove to her house. Her dad had her peek out the window and they were able to blow kisses and share she was missed. How sweet is that? We all need to be missed like that!!!

Who couldn't love these little guys and their laughter and joy at playing Lego wii! 'Indian and the Jones' as they say! Kinda thinking we need to teach them the right name, but for now it is just too fun to listen to them. The boys aren't irritating one another, there is actual team work...LOVE it! OF course, a little threat if they both aren't happy, NOBODY plays! Amazing what a little prompting can do.

The toddler is still my pride and joy! Big hugs in the morning, smiling at everyone and eager to see where I will take him.

( MOM called...woohoo! How did she know to do that?)

I figured out how to go on a walk today. I went to the mall and told the kids they couldn't go. I did take the baby and we got to walk! YES...finally got my moment. He was highly entertained at all the window shopping. Then grooving to the different music we heard as we walked! Now here is hoping I can do it many more times! If I am at the mall...they can't run outside and interrupt me! This might solve my attitude about being in the van so much these days!

The best part of the week, the husband...I get to spend every night this week with my guy! Building into our marriage! I am soooo pumped about this! Good company, good conversation, happy hearts!

See...I knew blogging was good for me. I feel a new perspective forming. I have determined that spending a week working on my marriage and building into my kids it will be okay if school doesn't happen. This may give me the break I need in my schedule to figure out how to revamp school! *sigh of relief* that I feel a little (just a little) pressure off this mom!

How is your week? Are you needing a moment to release some pressure?


  1. Shannon your posts always come at the right time! I just sat down at the computer hoping to refocus and relax before the evening begins. Your post is just what I needed! I laughed when I read, "I NEED MY MOMMA"! That's exactly what's going through my mind! Thanks for your honesty! Miss you friend! Janell

  2. Miss YOU Janell! Glad to know I am not the only one desperate for her Momma:D Does the heart good to know we aren't alone in this journey:D I am glad you found encouragement! I sure wish I could figure a way to come see you! Sounds like you guys are having fun...even if you are miles away!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! Wish we lived a little closer. Proud to be "YOUR MOMMA"

  4. I really need my mom! or at least an extra pair of hands this week. We have four down with the flu. I hope your week gets better. Thanks for reminding me to keep my focus on the right things.

  5. OH! My heart is hurting for Squirly Girls ....
    praying right now that ALL Squirly Girls are past the flu and that their mom has gotten some much needed help and REST!