Monday, October 12, 2009

Marriage Oneness...Conflict Resolution

Another great night of taping with Tim Lundy! I love this very simple statement he has said several times and the huge impact these words have when you really listen to them!

All marriages are gonna have conflict.
What are we gonna do with that conflict?

Conflict can be a "step up" or "a doorway out"!

He is so right! That is some good stuff! We can take conflict and learn from it and grow in harmony. Or we can allow it to walk us out the door!

What are you doing with the conflict in your home?
Are you throwing your hands up and allowing that conflict to walk you out the door?
(nobody wins)

What if you are in a relationship and you use that conflict as a step up?
That conflict can take you to that next level in your relationship!
(everyone wins)

I can't help but think how this can even apply to our children! What happens with conflict of any type in your home? We ARE teaching our children what to do with conflict? They are learning by our words and most defnitely by our actions!

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