Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little Boy Helpers

Hooray! My day is starting off so sweet! Woke up to toddler...yep...he is still a happy one!

Like clock work the little boys are up far sooner than anyone else. But I wouldn't change our mornings. I am thankful for a husband that lets me lay in bed just a little longer. Barry gets up and while he gets dressed I get to lay there and have 3 little boys climb all over me. Their conversations are hilarious. Their hugs to dad, me and one another are priceless! It is a memory etched into my mind for many years to come.

We totally loved the snickers from the 2nd grader as dad got one of the boys names wrong. What was worse is I corrected him but couldn't remember the child's name at all! Nothing like a good laugh to get you out of bed.

Now I get to blog for a moment because the three little boys are unloading the dishwasher. They told mom to go sit down they had it covered! I can't tell you the joy of this moms heart to hear them chit chatting, helping one another, serving their mom with rain in the background. It is definitely a precious moment.

I learned years ago that too many times we do things for our little kids when they would love doing it for themselves. YES, even the toddler is in there doing his part in putting up the dishes. No knives this time, just cups and plates that he uses! I get the breakables and knives they get everything else.

Are you choosing to allow your little ones to learn the joy of serving? LET them!
THEY and YOU will be BLESSED!

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  1. You read my mind. I have been thinking about posting on this, especially after all the help my 8yr old has been during the "flu of 09". I wish more moms could see how great it is when your kids help out.