Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Snoring Solution

Here you go...this has brought harmony to our bedroom:)
Barry doesn't always snore but he does goes through moments. I heard Lavender would help and thought we would give it a try. He takes a drop of the oil and places it under both his nostrils. In a few moments when he was snoring...peace and calm.
He denies he is snoring. So I laugh when he isn't sure if it works. I keep telling him, trust the woman sleeping next to ya! I go from pillow crammed on my head to snuggle to a peaceful man!
Every time I use these oils I keep wondering whether they will do the trick. I guess you could say I am still skeptical because I have laughed each night it calms him down. He has been my guinea pig because I wait until he snores, then wake him up to place a drop under his nose to see if *this* time it will stop. I say 4 peaceful nights IS a FABULOUS thing!
If you are interested let me know and I will help you get some Lavender!
Also great for burns, allergies, and bites. Check out these testimonies and search what issues get to your family.

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