Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Conversation of Little Boys

I love young kids! They are just too precious when you listen to them try talking and figuring things out. The conversations are just priceless if you really listen.

Today as I was getting ready for the days activities I was listening to my Kindergartner and 2nd grader have a conversation.

K: "She has so many webkinz and they are about to aspire."

2nd: "What are you saying? aspire"? "There are no words about aspire! It's expire!"

K: "Aspire isn't the word?"

2nd: "No! You mean expire."

K: "Okay she has 62 webkinz are expire."

2nd: "No! She has 10 gonna expire which means she has 52."

K: "Still, man, she is soooo TIGHT!"

2nd: "I know it is so tight!"

That entire thing cracked me up. I hated to interrupt and tell them there really is a word 'aspire'. I was enjoying the conversation too much to have it end. I missed a home school moment to teach vocabulary! But then I thought, oh well, its summer!

There is nothing like having younger siblings copy the teenagers lingo. But it just doesn't sound as cool as when the teens say it.

As I talked with my teen son today we were chatting about their conversation. He started explaining how when he hears them say things like they do he just wants to never say them again because it sounds so wrong. I told him...welcome to adulthood. That is what I feel like when I hear my kids copy things I say. You never know what you sound like until you hear it come out of your children's mouths.

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