Sunday, May 30, 2010

More than ALL the Numbers

I don't know what made me think of this today but it was a sweet memory!

Things kids say can be priceless to a mom and dad!

Our first born will be going to college this coming fall and I am amazed how quick the time has passed over the years. This curly headed little girl could carry a conversation in questions without blinking! She made me think, that is for sure! She has a way of being rather dramatic, excited, and over the top in emotions. She creates fun when there is none. Everything is to the extreme which can be a blessing and a curse. I have always said you will either be laughing or crying with this child. No middle ground with her. You got one of those?

On our way to Grandma's we were singing our ABC's and then proceeded to say our numbers. As she got going she wanted to know the end of numbers. We talked about they can go on forever and ever.


Yes, Hannah they go on to infinity.

That means forever?


What is bigger than infinity?

God's love.

God's love is forever?

Yes, His love never stops! It is bigger than us and bigger than the skies!


So nothing is bigger than infinity?

I can't think of anything.

We finally get to Grandma's and we unloaded her stuff as she would stay a night or two. As I began to leave Hannah hollered out, "I love you!"

I love you too!

"I love you more than all the numbers!"

Me too.

It wasn't until I drove off I realized what she was saying. Let's say tears of joy ran down my cheeks. This became her phrase she said for years and years. Often confusing the recipient who didn't understand 'all the numbers'. It was her best attempt in saying she loved you more than anything. And it was my pleasure to explain to the one who heard it what it meant. I hope this phrase rings in my ears for years to come. A precious memory of our first born.

Sweet girl, Mom loves you more than all the numbers!

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