Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Turn of a Day

I love how the Lord can turn a day around....IF we let Him!

Memorial Day was supposed to be a time to enjoy the family. A time to relax. A time to be. And time with one another.

Let's say by 8:00 a.m. we no longer were relaxed, we didn't want to 'be', and we were NOT enjoying one another. (Thank goodness we were a team as husband and wife or the day would have really been SHOT!)

I am amazed at the craftiness of satan to wiggle into a family unit and create dysfunction, discontent, and disharmony!

We had gone to bed with the joy of having a great family weekend so far and we were looking forward to ending that way. No such luck! From one child to the next it was one fiasco after another. By noon Barry and I found ourselves hugging one another once or twice between the battles, just thankful we weren't doing it alone! Hats off to you who are single parents!!!!

It appeared when I was distraught with the emotions he was calm and parenting well. About the time he would be on the verge of losing it I was the calm parent. Thank goodness in Gods grace we could tag team!

What I am more thankful for is that God intervened and His grace wiggled in and smothered out the enemy! Slowly but surely the hurts and pains of life, others, and feelings crumbled to the floor and Mom, dad, sister, brother, girls and boys ended up enjoying our day.

What a beautiful Creator that allows for change, hope, and joy even when we can't see it in our sight! Only with Christ can He resurrect a horrible day!

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