Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Isn't it hard to be a kid? You just want what everyone else has!

At the same time, isn't it hard to be a parent? You want to give your kids their hearts desire but sometimes it just doesn't work when you know the dangers ahead!

We got to watch our teen son make a WISE decision this weekend.

Poor kid! His birthday was 3 weeks ago and mom hasn't blogged about his amazingness (yes, I am pretty sure I just made up a new word!) nor did we give him a birthday gift! Life has moved at warp speed and we are hanging on for dear life!

Part of us dragging our feet on the gift was the fact of WHAT he wanted as that gift. For months and months he has waited, dreamed, and saved for the-all-amazing-iTouch.

As he dreamed, we debated, swetted, and discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly of giving a teen such an expensive gift. Maybe I should say 'allowed' because we were only putting about 1/4 of the money for this purchase, he would be putting up the rest. That is a lot of money to save up and dish out at one time. Whether he realized it or not this gift was a burden to carry.

He dreams of connecting with friends, playing his games, and enjoying 'one cool gadget'. We envision the constant distraction, always supervising, thorn -in-our-side as we help manage the use of this technology.

There were prayers,
and finally
a decision was made.

Right before we clicked the purchase button on the computer he asked what other things we considered giving to him. (I have quite enjoyed the fact he liked our other choices!) You could see he was debating the thought of 'this' or 'that'.

I am now a proud mom of a teenage son that made a wise choice. When it came down to it he could not justify the expense of the gadget he had dreamed of all year long. I think he knew in his heart this thing would come between us all, one way or another.

Literally at the last second he changed his mind and went with the ENO Hammock! To his joy, he learned THIS gift mom and dad can afford! THIS gift would mean he could keep his hard earned money! THIS gift allowed a heavy burden to be lifted from his shoulders. THIS gift meant a camping trip is coming! THIS gift would not break if dropped, would not require insurance, and would be a bonding experience verses an isolation game.
THIS, was the perfect gift for a teenage young man!

I am a proud mom that watched her son process a decision! Although he dreamed of this gift for months he made a choice that has brought about new dreams. Dreams of adventure with his dad, family and friends. Dreams of the memories that will be made. Dreams of the planning involved in a get-a-way! Dreams that bring hope and joy verses burden and distraction!

YES, the choice is made!
Mom is happy!
Dad is happy!
SON is happy!
All is well in our home! Even if we were 3 weeks late with a birthday gift!


  1. This from an "old goat"...things happen for a reason. Waiting on God's timing is ALWAYS right !

  2. Love this Shannon!! What a great example of raising children to make wise choices for themselves!! Proud of him!!