Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Spider Crisis

Some things are just quite hilarious at times. Enjoying a wonderful evening with 2 friends. And then,....the call!

"Mom, are you home?"
No, do you need me to be?
(Horrified she is about to tell me she has been in a wreck!)

"Well, I am at Barnes and Noble and there is a spider in my car!"

"Can you come get me?"
Are you serious?

"Yes! I can't drive!"
Why not?

"Because there is a spider in my car!"
How big?

"Medium size!"

"It has to be poisonous!" You can only imagine how my drama girl made this sound!
*hysterical laughter*

So what do you want me to do about it?

"Come pick me up and drive my car home."
*HA! NO! I'm NOT getting in that car!*

I'll come get you and I will follow you home driving your own car.

Knowing and praying how in the world am I gonna get this very lively, excitable, girl in the car? I came up with a solution as I look down and see a bottle of Sol-U-Mel (a natural cleaner).
*If you are familiar with natural products then you will understand that
many times you can use those products several ways. This particular cleaner is
like 409 and in our family, also bug spray! (Keeps the mesquitos away.)

I arrive at Barnes and jump out of the car holding the Sol-U-Mel spray bottle. She gets all excited and said, "that was the first thing I wish I had in my car!"

*shhh! Don't tell her but I am pretty sure this does NOT kill spiders!
(Have you ever tried to convince someone about something, knowing it won't really help?) If you know me, then you know, it is very difficult for me NOT to crack up!

I proceed to spray the car. Hoping this convinces her it is safe. Not being convinced I used enough she blasts the car again. Now, semi-convinced this might help, I finally coax her into the car....

With a few more encouraging words that the spider is probably dead now we proceed home.
She drives off with EVERY light on in the car and speeds all the way to the house!
I drive off laughing hysterically!

Discussion when we get home...

Are you gonna drive your car tomorrow?
"No, dad will take me."

No honey, you need to drive your own car to work.

Can you hand me the Sol-U-Mel bottle?
"No, I'm gonna keep it!"

We shall see how long that spider will stay hidden!
Hopefully for a very LONG time!

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  1. Shannon - That's hilarious. She needs some peppermint oil and water in a bottle - kills spiders instantly! -Lori