Monday, November 11, 2019

From Toddler to Soldier

When did our little toddlers grow up to be real soldiers?  How does this happen so quickly?  I am positive Barry and I blinked too long!  This was just a couple years ago...right?!

The days of trying to load ALL the kids into the twelve passenger van, keep them content and mom sane were a daily goal!  This one loved to go TO THE BACK!  The very back!  (probably to be mischievous!)  I am sure of it! haha 

Our rides were always entertaining!  NOT!  Inevitably someone was mad, someone was sad, someone was irritated, someone was oblivious, and in all the frustration we would hear his giggle escalate from the back of the van as he could take an entire van load of people, from mad to laughing, in 2 seconds or less!  To this day...he can still get us all doing big ole belly laughs!

 This little guy was our shy one.  The one who hid from a camera, ducked to the back of the room when people came over.  He would frown when a store clerk would talk about how cute he was.  He was seriously a cutie!  Yet, we would find gold mines of videos of him being HIGHLY entertaining!  Not a shy reserved bone in his body!  Priceless!     

  This blond headed, blue eyed boy, who would dig in dirt for hours and I know could goof off and get by with a lot!  Because SURELY he wouldn't have done that!  This son the dreamer, could change careers every few weeks if allowed. So you can only imagine when he said he wanted to join the Army, our first response know you can't change your mind in a few weeks...right?!

I'll say this...when this boy would set his mind to was DONE!  
If we got his attention, he was focused and a very hard worker!  Now, no longer the cute little toddler he is the big handsome soldier!  Training those little ones is so important.  Before you know it they become adults doing BIG things! It's no more pretending about wearing camo because he has been issued the real deal!  

No more slacking off, to see if one of his siblings will do it, or IF mom and dad will notice.  He does things with precision and care!  No more ducking when being talked to, now he is yelled at with eyes wide open!  He can now stay all kinds of dirty when on the job, in the field!  
This boy loved getting messy!  

Now every time we see him...I sit and stare.  My boy is doing his thing!  
He takes care of others when he used to be so irritated at his siblings.  It's not easy being the middle one!  Just ask his middle sister!  I'm sure there is competition to who was overlooked the most!

Keep training and loving on those little ones!  Because you are gonna blink and they will be doing big things you used to see them only dress up to do!    
These days WILL go quicker than you think! 

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