Monday, August 10, 2020

We Can Do It

To the mom's who are gonna homeschool...hang in there. We started last week and it is a process. Hats off to teachers who prepare and plan all the time with so many variables. Experience tells me to give it 2-3 week and it will level out. It feels clunky, chaotic, and overwhelming at first. And the kids get irritated because are kids! LOL (I've been doing this for 25 years and I am down to 2 kids! This should be easier...but life is life and challenges come.)

This year we are diving into some worldview curriculum. We have a culture trying to influence them this way and that way. They need to know how to stand on their own two feet and how to process all that is coming at them. And I do mean coming at them. It's not hidden and coming slowly in...its in and screaming.

My love/hate:

  • I love the ability to tailor school to my kids.
  • I hate they aren't all the same because it would make my life easier.

  • I love they are uniquely created.
  • I hate that as a mom sometimes I feel I fail them in different areas.

  • I love that the Lord guides.
  • I hate that I forget to call upon Him for wisdom at times.

My encouragement to you:

Dive in moms! You can do this. It won't be perfect. But with a little grace, determination, and joy will all come out okay.
  • Laugh at the mishaps. (those are the memories)
  • Flex/change the things that don't work. (we get to adjust)
  • Persevere through the tough times. (sometimes you are going uphill)
My current situation:

Don't mind me...I'm over here trying to make sense out of what I planned while I tackle technology that doesn't always want to do what I want it to do. haha Thank goodness I live with a tech guy and a man who points me to God's word when momma looks more like a deer in the headlights than the kids do!

(In case you have forgotten...I am a blog and blab posting gal! This means I don't proof read or correct my grammar! I am so sorry for those I make nuts! If I stop to check...I'll NEVER blog. And my blog is like my journal. Somehow God uses this to get me back to Him. So enjoy my less than perfect life, while I live out loud and share how God teaches/reaches me.)

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