Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Someone TURN On The TV

For Pete's Sake! 

I can birth 9 babies! 
I can home school 8 children! 
I can drive a car and teach driver's ed! 
Shoot!  I even drove a 26ft moving truck from TN to OK! 

I can box a house up and unbox a house in record time! 
I have even learned how to use an InstaPot!
I can work a home business with a team of 3,000! 
But for the LIFE of me, I cannot figure out HOW to watch TV! 

Why is this so hard!  What is the point of these remote controls?  Why do we have so many dang buttons on these things!  And we still have 5 remotes!  There is nothing smart about these things!  They are a thorn in my side! 

I don't watch TV much.  I just wanted to have some noise in the house while everyone is gone!  The problem is, if they are gone...nothing is being watched! 

Oh, and these things aren't kid proof either.  They know how to get to 'ALL' the things.  The only person successfully locked out of stuff is MOM! 

I had my rant!  I'll just go back to work in my quiet home!  No worries...the family will be home soon and we will be watching whatever they want because MOM can't figure out the remotes!

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