Friday, September 27, 2019

Stranger In Our Home

It's shocking how many times we have had a stranger in our home over the years!  I mean seriously!  20 years!  20 years of this happening! 

We have pretty simple rules in our home!  Our rules are to help you, not hurt you.  Yet, the kids seem to enjoy extra laundry, extra dishes, extra trash, extra clean up from every angle! 

Example: Notice the towel rack?  I say, "Kids, DON'T use these towels unless we have company and they are needed." Sure mom! (Those sweet angels!)


5 minutes later I look and we have a thousand towels in the laundry!  A thousand I tell you!  Why?  How?  I left 2 towels per person yesterday!  That was 8 towels! (only 4 kids still at home)  WHY?! WHY must we grab the 4 towels off the towel rack?  Not to mention all the beach towels!  Why do they need 4-6 towels per person in 2 days?  Here is how this works...

  • You go in the shower dirty.  
  • You come out clean.  
  • You have a towel...JUST for you.
  • Dry off.  
  • Hang towel.  
  • Use again.   

Realizing maybe I wasn't clear I ask, "who used the towels on the towel rack?" 

  • Not I!
  • I NEVER touch those!
  • I have no idea.
  • What towels?
Kids!  That towel rack was full yesterday!  Now it's as naked as can be!  WHY?  (Those little angels just shrug their shoulders and blame Brady! or whoever isn't currently home!) Keep in mind...this rack is high!  They would have to climb on the toilet to even reach these.  I hung it high enough hoping to curb this little issue we seem to have over the years!  You'd think I would learn after 27 years of raising kids, I'd realize the last 1/2 is no different than the first 1/2!  Bless them!  They all live in denial! 

Oh my children!  I wasn't born yesterday!  Somebody is making up their OWN protocol! 

I shall continue to teach you NOT to use all the towels!  Pick up your toys. Keep your shoes in your room.  Load your dishes in the dishwasher.  Throw away the EMPTY box in the pantry!   I will also snicker one day when you have your own children and that stranger has followed you to your own home.  Because I can guarantee you Honey's precious grandchildren would not do what I know you have done! One day my child!  One day you will realize I KNOW who you are! 

I can pretty much bet ours is not the only home with a stranger causing chaos! Right?!!

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