Friday, August 9, 2019

Little Squishy to Hilariously Funny

Can we be grandparents when we still feel we are early 30's?

Clearly that age we feel is going up, because for years I felt we were still 28.  Really, could grand-parenting be any more fun?!  This Honey and Bear will seize every moment we get into whatever time we are allowed!  This little guy came blazing into our world and our lives are forever changed!  (um....someone lets get some more grand-babies into the picture! Just sayin'!)

 One of the joys I didn't think about was how watching your kids enjoy their kids is such a treasure!  I am positive this picture is forever etched into my brain!  When did my curly headed strong willed little girl grow into such a beautiful mom!  It's funny how you can have flash backs of your kids!  I see her parent, or I see her son, and BOOM I am transported back in time!  I love those sweet moments the Lord brings back to me.  What I wouldn't do to tell that momma back think you know the days are long and the years are short, but in reality, you have no idea how FAST it all goes. Moms...your littles are watching you.  They are learning how to handle life around them.  They are learning how to love, react, and embrace their world.  Are we teaching them to reach for the stars?  Are we teaching them to LOVE big!  Forgive faster! And that falling down is okay?   Are we teaching them that sacrificing our comfort, rest, and energy is worth every moment?  Or are we telling them they drive us crazy?  Do they know we might be tired but we would give up everything to keep them close?  Or do our eye rolls and sighs send a different message we never intended to say?

You have to wonder what COLT was thinking in this picture on the left!  (Who are you people?!) At this point he only met his Aunts!  Oh where would life be without Dah, DeDe, and Barmer! Our guys were little and didn't get to experience having a baby around much!  But they have now!  And this mom, ENJOYED watching all the interactions!

Colt was just a little fella when his daddy got deployed!  (Little guy, big boots!)  His personality coming out more and more each day!  I'll have to say watching his mom and dad handle that phase of their life with such strength, poise, and grace was amazing!  Colt did well because his parents handled it well.  What can feel like an eternity on one end can feel like a blink of an eye the next.  We loved every moment we got with little Mr. Colt!  
We may live almost 14 hours away but we got an opportunity of a life time to LOVE them deeply!  The Lord graces each of us with unique personality's and without a doubt this one got a little bit of his momma and a little bit of his daddy!  They are loud, animated, (or whimsical as Josh calls Hannah) and goofy!  His momma keeps laughing at him which just makes him perform even more!  He is strong willed yet obedient.  He is curious with very little caution. (except when it comes to food) He is living life big in such a little body!  While bringing us all along for the ride of our life!  Colt, Honey and Bear love you deeply!  Keep practicing your ABC's! Be sure to tell your daddy he is brave and your momma she is "beau-ha-ha" (beautiful)!  Make sure your momma lets you call HONEY!  IF they don't pick up the phone more we may have to buy you your own! (Even though our own kids aren't allowed to have a phone until they are 15...that used to be 16! We are slacking off a little!)

You keep quoting that verse and reminding your mommy and daddy, "Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and brave; do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9  They are gonna need that verse because you are a feisty one that is gonna rock their world in so many MORE ways! :)  Listen to them.  They have wisdom to share, love to give, and grace to show!  You are their first born and its your job to break them into this parenting thing well!  So give it your best!  Let them know when they need a break...who are they gonna call?  Honey and Bear

Happy Birthday Colt!  Happy Birthday! 

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