Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Picture With A Thousand Words

A 1,000 words! 

Daddy is home!  Her husband is home!  Our son-in-law is back!  Our daughter has her family again!  Ummm...yes...I totally ugly cried seeing pictures shared by his family!  (Thank you Wendy!) 

You know, in some ways the good-bye from months ago seems like years. Then on the other hand my eyes blink and I feel we were just there saying good-bye.  Tears as we drive miles and miles dropping him off to leave.  Deep breathe for the journey ahead.  Praying for all the unknown.  Fully aware the days ahead will carry some tough times.

Can we really understand all these families go through? Several moves, change of states, bills to pay, groceries to buy, packing/unpacking, seeing family, keeping time going and yet keeping routine as best you can...whatever the circumstances might be.  Its just not easy when 1/2 your heart is gone across the world!

I'm thankful for my daughters in-laws who were gracious in knowing she needed to be home and then so sweet to show us all the pictures when he returned.  We tagged team the trio!  We took the first part and they have been there for the end.  What a pleasure to know as parents...we have each others back.  It's a picture of two becoming one!  While their families join as well!  Wanting and desiring the best for our kids and our kids, kids!  Knowing on his return he needed his wife, son, parents, sister, and grandmother by his side.  We will get our chance to hug and love him soon enough!

OH Technology!  You can be a thorn in our side and other times the biggest blessing ever!  I saw Colt face time his daddy several weeks before his return and my heart just knew all would be well.  There was no denying Colt knew his people!  The months, days, and hours...having technology shrink the distance a little. 

Another 1,000 words!

One of Colt's favorite things is to bring a room full of people he loves, into a big, big, group hug!  He will not finish the hug until all have gathered around him. He will look each one in the eyes...(each and every person)...he takes a big breath and smiles! ALL IS WELL! You can see his brain literally saying (ALL IS WELL) EVERY single time!

Our living room or kitchen could have as many as 8 of us called into "the hug"! 

The Hug: He waves his little hands and fingers calling each person into the huddle!  That one jester could change the mood of the entire room!  Nobody would deny him NOR would you want to.  He would wait patiently for all to gather in!  We might miss someone not realizing they were there, but he NEVER missed one of his people!  I literally busted out crying when I saw this picture!  That hand...had gathered his people!  His daddy is here! 

Can you hear it?  Can you see it?  Those smiles! Those smiles...SAY IT ALL!
A man who lead in strength yet separated and now reunited!  A woman who waited in gentle grace!  I can see her now all smiles watching this reunion!  A child who absorbed all the love, living life in curiosity, waiting for Da-Da to come home!  Thank you to all who serve!  Thank you to the families who serve beside them in a different way!  Thankful for those who gave their lives!  Thankful for the men and women who still battle upon return as they acclimate back to their new normal.  May these families have others around them to love them through the mess, through the miles, through the sorrow, through the unknown.  Hug a serviceman today!  Pray for the families!  And never forget our freedom comes with a cost.

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