Saturday, June 1, 2019

How We Feel

This sums it up for how we feel about our move to AR!  The timing, the people, the position, the place...its comfortable, normal, exciting!  We are ready to dive all in! 

We never imagined the Lord would bring us back.  When the door opened for the possibility we literally had to put it in God's hands and say, "only you can make this happen."  And WOW did He!  This is the first place in a long. long time that has us all thrilled!  It just happens to be the place where we ALL have memories!  Feels more like home that we ever imagined!

Heaven knows after year, after year, after year, of transition in job, housing (about a dozen! Just kidding but sure feels that way!) and states, it is wonderful to be HERE! 

We have been stretched, pushed, pulled!  The enemy has attacked!  The Lord has won!  The enemy still attacks!  God will still win!  The enemy wants my guilt to take over me.  Feeling guilty with moves, change of friends, lack of activities while we box and unbox AGAIN!  I hate when I feel like I have let my family down.  Seems harder the older they get.  Everyone has an opinion and often does not side with mom! (shocker!) 

I gotta stay in God's word or I look around and see every little thing that I know I have let slide because frankly, this momma is tired!  Add a little RA (rheumatoid arthritis) to the mix and each move can send my body into chaos!  Like we didn't already have it! OF course some would say, having 8 kids started our chaos!  LOL  That could be true!  But you know what?  I'd do it all over again!  I'll take those 8 chaotic kids!  I'll take the friendships, the experiences, the stretching that brought growth with each move, adjustment, and dependence upon God! 

We have been here 35 days and life is starting to hit a new normal! Well, for summer!  No rest for the weary!  Time to finish school (moving interrupted us finishing on time), plan for next year (I'm not ready for this!), keep oiling it up with our home business (who wants to learn about oils?), plug into serving and being fed at church and in our community (currently praying for AR as the river rises), find the new routine with 3 teens boys (oh-me-oh-my we are still in parenting mode!), get ready for one of our soldiers returning home (how will we say bye to Colt and Hannah?  Remembering what a joy it will be for them to be back with their Josh! So exciting!!!!), and a wedding the end of summer (sounds like a fun way to end a year of crazy!)  I hope our son/daughter-in-laws are ready for chaos but loved incredibly deeply!  We may not have it all together but our love is deep and strong!

Have you been in a season of stretching?  Relying upon God?  Adjusting to your new norm?

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