Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Here We Go

We are moving!  Crazy or what?!  After my last post nearly 2 months ago the Lord started opening a door and things have been in high gear ever since!  I'm not sure we saw this one coming!  Or did we? 

I've learned over the past several years you just never know what is around the corner.  It has been a wild 6-7 years.  We have grown taller, spread out farther (distance), and stretched deeper (hearts) as the Lord has adjusted our locations, lives, and living on more than one occasion.  We have been in small homes, big homes, rented homes, and missionary homes. We have rented trucks, driven trucks, and shuffled trucks for a gazillion various moves.  (YES, I do mean a gazillion!)  At this stage of life, college to adult kids, and you have 8...you may be moving kids as often as we were changing diapers!  Okay...I may be exaggerating!  But it sure feels that way! 

Today we have 2 deployed, 2 in North Carolina, 1 in Texas, or Arkansas, or Missouri, depending on the week, and THIS  group (plus me) moving to ARKANSAS!  When God puts together a plan, works out all the details, and you are seeking Him for direction...you go!  Some of our moves were exciting, some frustrating, and some practical.  This one will be exciting! 

We thought Oklahoma/Texas was home, and it absolutely has our heart.  But what we have discovered is Arkansas is truly home.  We spent the bulk of our parenting there.  Our last one was born there.  It's the home where most of our kids grew in absolute awe of their Savior.  Our church home, The Summit, preached Jesus and lived Jesus, over and over again.  The kids first moved there scared, unsure, and concerned life would never be the same.  Now 14 years later they will tell you, they watched God meet their needs, our needs, capture their heart, our heart, and show them what getting on your knees before God can do.

We are packing with new energy as we just see God moving in a unique way.  This will be the FASTEST move we have pulled off for sure!  Prayers would be appreciated as we juggle the crowd, while managing expectations, and rest our tired bodies!  We move in T-minus-13 days!  HA 

There were seriously quite a few potential road blocks and over and over again the Lord stressed to us, don't worry, don't do anything yet (like pack and plan) until I tell you.  It has been a practice of patience as I usually like to pack, plan, and prepare WAY in advance when moving so many people.  Every time I wanted to pick that task...the Lord said..."not yet my child, not yet".   I have literally had to visualize myself, handing that box back to God.  (All the while reminding HIM do you see what I am faced with...surely you want me preparing THAT box.)  Nope, NOPE He didn't! 

"Do you trust Me?"  Of course I do...after said wrestling match of me trying to manage things. 

IF I had insisted on my way vs His way, I would have missed some things.  How fascinating to see once again...when I pick up the box God says...ALL the details fall into place with minimal stress.  Doesn't mean its a perfect move.  Doesn't mean we aren't asked to adjust in ways we prefer not.  But it does mean...my Savior is right there carrying the bulk of my load while I practice allowing Him to manage the details instead of me.  We are such a human body of DOING.  He's still working on me, BEING! 

So yes, we saw this coming, SORTA.  We have learned the Lord doesn't work on what sounds right, on our earthly time tables, or our outlines.  We know, when God says GO, you GO.  We know He has His ways, His purpose, and His plan. 

What is God asking you to do?  He may be asking you to follow Him.  And guess what?  That doesn't always mean a physical move:)

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